31 Dec. 2007

Auld Lang Syne.... whatever!

will someone please translate - "Auld Lang Syne"


Well I have just one thing to say to 2007....

in the words of Douglas Adams.... and mine....

"so long and thanks for all the dishes!!"

I have just one thing to say about "New Years Eve"...

in the words of my Dad...

"Bah Humbug!!!"

I have just one thing to say to 2008

in the words of me...

"look out coz here I come!!!"

and One last thing....

remember Jesus said...

in the words of Arnold Schwarzeneger ( I hope I spelt it right)...

"I'll be Back!!!"

see you all next year!!!!


30 Dec. 2007

A cackling Christmas

hmmm what shall I say about our christmas festivities???

The day began for me when I got out of bed at (shock horror) 7:25am!!!

There were no kids to wake me and I actually had to set my alarm clock!!!

I fussed around for a bit then drove to pick the boys up from their dad's, where they had been since the friday before.

Rob was the first to greet me with - "look what I got"

Zac was more affectionate and I got an immediate hug.

Sean did a mosey around with his toys and gave me a cuddle too.

Then it was a quick goodbye to Dad and Selena, climb back in the car, to get to the Christmas morning service which started at 9:00am.

The service was good as usual, but much shorter than usual, but Rob managed to sulk because he was bored. Sean played with his motorbike and Zac wriggled and constantly whispered LOUDLY. They were all dismayed at the being no sunday school, but managed to get through it anyway.... Anyone would think I was torturing them sometimes!!! Rob sulked at church again this morning, because Sean wouldnt let him have stickers from his sticker book.... no amount of little tickles or smiles could get him to shake off the sulks...

Anyway I'm getting off track from my tale.

The Christmas service finished just before 10am and we were bundled into the car again, heading for home.... and presents....

The kids were pleased (to put it lightly) and amazingly restrained, to discover the contents of each parcel. And oh I Praise the Lord that each of them LOVED their special item that I bought each of them. I unwrapped an interesting polyresin version of "Wee Jock" (a scottish highland terrier) from the boys with a little glass "worry angel" :) Christmas is amazing with kids, you just never know what intersting (or shocking) little suprise that they come up with for you. Oh but they are chosen and given in love and that is what matters!

Oooo its time to get in the car again. Yep we were off again, heading to a lovely couple's place for lunch... it was 5 mins to 11am.

We got there, the kids were told to shooo for a little while, while the three of us fiddled with food and stuff for lunch. The rest of the crowd arrived about 12 and we got down to the biz of eating, drinking and most importantly socialising. There was 6 adults and 9 kids all together. And the most of us had a top time. We even had a cake with candles and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

It was great, certainly made my day, at least.


We got home about 3:30pm, only to scoot inside, dump, collect and run. We were off to another friend's house for the arvo. Mon has just bought herself a house (or the bank has) for Christmas. She actually moved in christmas eve, and the boys hadnt visited her there yet.

Boys most pleased to see Jed and Robbie just had to test out his brand new radar gun to see how fast Jed could run. We sat around in the back yard under a brolley (but mostly in the sun) and yakked for a few hours. The boys mostly ran and ran and ran.... and just wouldnt run out of energy.

Eventually we got home. While the toasted sandwiches were cooking for tea in the sandwhich press, we rang my Dad and wished him a happy Christmas (for the rest of it anyway).

Then it was climb into bed for the boys. They had been up since 6am and were a wee bit on the tired (and grumpy) side. Sean protested loudly that he wanted to stay up and play with his toys and cried himself to sleep (sniff, sniff).

I realised that we had barely been home and the poor lads had barely had a chance to play with their stuff! Diddums... there was always tomorrow and tomorrow's tomorrow....

And well ... I sank onto the couch and went AAAAHHHHH!

and that was our day.

I hope you all found something to smile about on Christmas day. Would love to hear your tales :)

ps here is a cool pic of the crowd at lunch

23 Dec. 2007

Wonderful Savings Tips for Mums of under 7's

This is an Aussie site offering free membership in December 07. It appears a new site, but is already developing lovely resources for mum's like me and you :)

check it out.....


happy saving and happy christmas!

21 Dec. 2007

From the "purpose driven life"

I receive this email often, and this one i wanted to pass on.


Light For The Dark Side of Christmasby Jon Walker
Watch for this: A girl who is presently a virgin will get pregnant. She'll bear a son and name him Immanuel (God-With-Us). (Isaiah 7:14b, MSG)
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
As I write this, I am sitting in a fast food restaurant and over there … see her there, pretty in pink … this young girl, maybe five-years-old, is celebrating an early Christmas with her mother.

Her presents are spread out across the booth and … listen … she just said, “I miss you, Mommy.”

“I miss you too, baby,” her mother says.

My eyes move beyond their booth, and I see a woman casually, but carefully, watching them. Trained as a journalist to observe, I put it all together: The watching woman is a social worker, and she is supervising a structured visit for mother and child, who are doing the best they can to celebrate Christmas in the booth of a fast food restaurant. A few minutes later, the foster parents arrive to take the girl home with them while the mother leaves alone.

There is a darker side of Christmas that we rarely acknowledge. We create this fantasy of the perfect homecoming that rarely matches reality – even in the best of homes. There are many of us whose Christmas memories are full of tension, not tinsel.

Some of us know that the holidays are just another excuse for Mommy to get drunk or for Daddy to be with his new family. It’s a reminder that the one we love the most is far away – perhaps never coming back – or the relative we love the least will be placing his hands somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Would it surprise you to know that the suicide rate is extraordinarily high in December, and that depression is as common as joy to the world? I suspect there are far more people who hurt at Christmas than we would initially imagine. They find misery in mistletoe, and they have a sneaking suspicion that “ornament” is rooted in the word “ornery.”

For those tired of the hollow hope and the false fantasies of Christmas, the Good News is that God is with us. A virgin gives birth to a son, and his name is Immanuel (God-With-Us). (Isaiah 7:14)
What does this mean?

· Trust the baby in the manager – The babe in the manger came to give you good news, and it’s not the kind of good news that will dissipate tomorrow when the bad news arrives. You may be just hanging on by a thread, and you may not be able to see it yet, but the HOPE is here.

· Trust the baby born in heartbreaking conditions – That baby in the manger came to heal your broken heart. You may be bleeding inside, and for you Christmas is just another reminder of what might have been – “if only.” Jesus will heal your broken heart. You may not be able to feel it yet, but the HOPE is here. Trust the baby born in smelly, unsanitary, heartbreaking conditions.

· Trust the baby who grew to be a man of sorrow – He became a man acquainted with sorrow. He knew the true condition of the human heart. The baby in the manger came to help you make the right decisions. You may be so captive to drugs, alcohol, or pornography that you don’t even know how you can get help –if you’re even able to figure out that you need help. You may be in so much bondage that you can’t even see it, but the HOPE is here. Trust the baby, who did not stay in the manger, but grew to be a man facing difficult choices.

· Trust the baby who teaches us to live above our circumstances – That baby in the manger will help you live above your circumstances. You no longer have to be prisoner to the “what ifs” of life – what if I had a better job, what if I had a better marriage, what if I had a better life? I know it’s hard to see past the prison walls, but the HOPE is here. Trust the baby in the manger, whose circumstances led him from a poor beginning to a violent execution.

· Trust the baby who brings us a hope-filled Christmas – Bring him the ashes of your life and he’ll give you beauty; bring him the mourning in your life, and he’ll give you joy.

© 2007 Jon Walker. All rights reserved.

Jolly, Holy Christmas Quiz – We know there were three wise men, some frankincense and myrrh, and a huge star on the first Christmas Day. Plus there were shepherds watching their flock on a cold, silent night in winter, a little drummer boy, and the littlest angel … wait a minute, how much of this is tradition, and how much of it is based in the Bible. You may be surprised at what you find in this Biblical Christmas Quiz, available at http://www.gracecreates.com/.

Jon Walker is writer/pastor for the Web site www.GraceCreates.com.

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19 Dec. 2007

Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium....

By what means can God speak to us?

Can He speak through a secular movie with magic (OH NO!!) and an old man dying?

Yesterday 3 ladies and 5 little sons went to the movies. Mister Magorium was on the menu, along with popcorn and lollies for some.

The movie was a bit of fun and I laughed loudly often. My kids watched wonderfully between quirms and crunching popcorn and slurping "non-blue" ;) Pop-tops.

There was a little bit about a nicely varnished block of wood (approx 5"x5"x5" in dimension)... Mr Magorium hinted that it was indeed more than it seemed... if only you believed....

I saw then it was something that God was speaking to me about... first I thought He was telling me to "think outside the square", then, No, He was saying I should "think outside the CUBE"....
That God could do anything... and that I should never put Him in a box!

I realise it is so easy to forget, and think of GOD and all his wonders of love, hope, mercy, grace, power, might, etc, from our worldly perspective. Putting God within the bounds of our understanding is like saying that God is no more capable of stuff than we are.... GET REAL!
God is beyond anything we see, feel, hear, know, or can believe. Our Brains in our current predicament can not understand or comprehend God's Immensity and Everything!

So basically I need to Believe That GOD is Possible and Able to do far beyond my wildest imagination... I need to believe that God can and will do the impossible.

So I pray that from this time on I will think outside the cube and not in my humanity try to put God in His immensity, into a box. Father let me just believe... Amen

And guess what ??..... The movie also spoke to one of my friends that watched it with us... and what God showed her was through a completely different scene in the movie... and God spoke to her about something completly different... but that is her story to tell :)

I wonder who else has a story to tell????

18 Dec. 2007

THE MARK OF THE LION by Francine Rivers

Wow what a READ!

I have just last night finished reading the series by Francine Rivers called "The Mark of the Lion" And as the title suggests, there is no pussy footing around in this piece of writing. With grit, passion, and amazing tales of Faith, tragedy and victory, Ms Rivers weaves an amazing story based on history, about a very mixed group of subtley and loudly linked lives. I was shocked, surprised and mortified at times, and then I laughed and cried. I praised God for the messages in the trio of novels which spoke to me, and the insite into early Christian struggles. Though fiction, as a reader I was left in no doubt that there would have been true followers of "The Way" whose lives would have faced the same challenges and tradgedies as the characters in the series.

I wont go into the knitty gritty of the story, I would much rather you find a copy of the books yourselves and read them, devour them, digest them, and pass them on to bless another!

find out more about these books and the author here: