18 Dec. 2007

THE MARK OF THE LION by Francine Rivers

Wow what a READ!

I have just last night finished reading the series by Francine Rivers called "The Mark of the Lion" And as the title suggests, there is no pussy footing around in this piece of writing. With grit, passion, and amazing tales of Faith, tragedy and victory, Ms Rivers weaves an amazing story based on history, about a very mixed group of subtley and loudly linked lives. I was shocked, surprised and mortified at times, and then I laughed and cried. I praised God for the messages in the trio of novels which spoke to me, and the insite into early Christian struggles. Though fiction, as a reader I was left in no doubt that there would have been true followers of "The Way" whose lives would have faced the same challenges and tradgedies as the characters in the series.

I wont go into the knitty gritty of the story, I would much rather you find a copy of the books yourselves and read them, devour them, digest them, and pass them on to bless another!

find out more about these books and the author here:

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