30 Dec. 2007

A cackling Christmas

hmmm what shall I say about our christmas festivities???

The day began for me when I got out of bed at (shock horror) 7:25am!!!

There were no kids to wake me and I actually had to set my alarm clock!!!

I fussed around for a bit then drove to pick the boys up from their dad's, where they had been since the friday before.

Rob was the first to greet me with - "look what I got"

Zac was more affectionate and I got an immediate hug.

Sean did a mosey around with his toys and gave me a cuddle too.

Then it was a quick goodbye to Dad and Selena, climb back in the car, to get to the Christmas morning service which started at 9:00am.

The service was good as usual, but much shorter than usual, but Rob managed to sulk because he was bored. Sean played with his motorbike and Zac wriggled and constantly whispered LOUDLY. They were all dismayed at the being no sunday school, but managed to get through it anyway.... Anyone would think I was torturing them sometimes!!! Rob sulked at church again this morning, because Sean wouldnt let him have stickers from his sticker book.... no amount of little tickles or smiles could get him to shake off the sulks...

Anyway I'm getting off track from my tale.

The Christmas service finished just before 10am and we were bundled into the car again, heading for home.... and presents....

The kids were pleased (to put it lightly) and amazingly restrained, to discover the contents of each parcel. And oh I Praise the Lord that each of them LOVED their special item that I bought each of them. I unwrapped an interesting polyresin version of "Wee Jock" (a scottish highland terrier) from the boys with a little glass "worry angel" :) Christmas is amazing with kids, you just never know what intersting (or shocking) little suprise that they come up with for you. Oh but they are chosen and given in love and that is what matters!

Oooo its time to get in the car again. Yep we were off again, heading to a lovely couple's place for lunch... it was 5 mins to 11am.

We got there, the kids were told to shooo for a little while, while the three of us fiddled with food and stuff for lunch. The rest of the crowd arrived about 12 and we got down to the biz of eating, drinking and most importantly socialising. There was 6 adults and 9 kids all together. And the most of us had a top time. We even had a cake with candles and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

It was great, certainly made my day, at least.


We got home about 3:30pm, only to scoot inside, dump, collect and run. We were off to another friend's house for the arvo. Mon has just bought herself a house (or the bank has) for Christmas. She actually moved in christmas eve, and the boys hadnt visited her there yet.

Boys most pleased to see Jed and Robbie just had to test out his brand new radar gun to see how fast Jed could run. We sat around in the back yard under a brolley (but mostly in the sun) and yakked for a few hours. The boys mostly ran and ran and ran.... and just wouldnt run out of energy.

Eventually we got home. While the toasted sandwiches were cooking for tea in the sandwhich press, we rang my Dad and wished him a happy Christmas (for the rest of it anyway).

Then it was climb into bed for the boys. They had been up since 6am and were a wee bit on the tired (and grumpy) side. Sean protested loudly that he wanted to stay up and play with his toys and cried himself to sleep (sniff, sniff).

I realised that we had barely been home and the poor lads had barely had a chance to play with their stuff! Diddums... there was always tomorrow and tomorrow's tomorrow....

And well ... I sank onto the couch and went AAAAHHHHH!

and that was our day.

I hope you all found something to smile about on Christmas day. Would love to hear your tales :)

ps here is a cool pic of the crowd at lunch

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