31 Aug. 2007

update :)

HI all, THe Uggies and pillow are back, and so are my results.... got to get a Cpap machine... so I can breathe uninterupted through the night. THo I wonder how I will sleep with the hum of the machine all night! Im sure I will get used to it :) HOpe you are all well xo Kaz

ps here's a cool pic taken at livingston bay last monday (livingston bay is partway between blackfellows caves and carpenter rocks)

we were checking out a dead whale on the beach at the time... :(


  1. GREAT pics Karen, what awesome timing!! Praying that the cpap machine works for you.

  2. How's the cpap machine working? I bet the hum just lulls ya to sleep! Beautiful pics of the bay and ob the boys. Where's the picture of the whale? or is that just too morbid?