31 Aug. 2007

update :)

HI all, THe Uggies and pillow are back, and so are my results.... got to get a Cpap machine... so I can breathe uninterupted through the night. THo I wonder how I will sleep with the hum of the machine all night! Im sure I will get used to it :) HOpe you are all well xo Kaz

ps here's a cool pic taken at livingston bay last monday (livingston bay is partway between blackfellows caves and carpenter rocks)

we were checking out a dead whale on the beach at the time... :(

14 Aug. 2007


Hmmm, well Ive just returned from an overnight jaunt south of the border to Hamilton, where I donned many wires and a tube up the snoz, and attemped to sleep...

I had an overnight sleep study, for those not in the know, it was to find out whether I have sleep apnea or not, to study my snoring (LOL), breathing (or not breathing), and leg movements - or lack of. Sleep apnea is a disorder where people actually stop breathing while sleeping.

Well, I must say, it was not a pleasant experience.

I tossed and turned most of the night (and yes, I snored) as I had seven wires stuck to my head and face, two to my neck, one under my breast, a wires stuck to each of my calves, A big belt of wires around my upper chest, and another one around my stomach with a flashing yellow light, and to top it off one pegged and strapped too tightly to my finger with a red light on it.

and they were all connected to a board at the top of the bed head.

There was also a video camera pointed at me from the ceiling, next to an infa red light.

Lights out at 9.30, and woken up at 6.45am.

I had a shower, and struggled to get the goopy glue stuff out of my hair they used to attach wires, and the same behind my ears. I got dressed, packed my bag and headed for the door.

I got out to the car to discover it is covered in a nice chunky layer of ice. No it didnt snow, but it was a mean frost. Took my car 20 mins to defrost the windscreen enough for me to see through it. The window washer squirters were all frozen, bar one which had enough pressure to squirt the water onto the roof of the car instead of the windscreen.

Mc donalds were open :) so it was a Large flat white Cup of mmmm mmmm Coffee for me, and a sausage and egg mcmuffin! ANd off down the highway I went, back to home, 133 or so kilometers away. The scenery was great, with frost and fog, and the sun rising through it all, so I stopped numerous times and had a play with my camera. I eventually got home and unpacked the car.

I got into the house to find it was only 6 degrees C inside! So I arced the heater up. I then sat down and took my sneakers off and looked for my Uggies (lambswool slippers)... Oh No!

THen I looked for my pillow! OH NO!! x two!

I realised that I had left both my pillow and my uggies back at hamilton at the sleep clinic!

So I rang the clinic and left a message... they rang back later, and lucky me, the specialist just so happens to be heading this way tomorrow for a clinic, so I get them back, even though, alas, I have to go a whole night without them... my toes are cold, and I'll have to use the spare pillow. Never mind :)

I dont find out until the 30th my results from the test, but Im not worried about that, Im more concerned about getting a decent sleep tonight in my nice warm, cosy bed, with my nice snuggly doona, and alas... the other pillow .... No worries, I think tonight I could sleep with a brick as a pillow, and not notice.

well, anyway, thought Id stick a pic or two from my short trip away on the blog...

Here Goes....