3 Jun. 2007

Look what I did!!!

Guess what I did yesterday, with a little help from my young apprentices....

I baked my first ever loaf of BREAD!!

and I didnt use an automatic breadmaker, i did it from scratch... well, I didnt milk a cow or grow and grind my own flour, but I did put raw ingredients in and mix it and kneed it and punch it, and kneed it and Cook it!!!

Rob loves it, recons that we shouldnt buy bread ever again!.... so I cooked two more today and cut and made sandwiches with them, and froze them for their lunches this week :)
Sean isnt too keen on the crust, but Rob did this big speel on how good crusts are for the teeth and gums.... Good on ya Rob!

Zac didnt care too much, still managed to get down from the table during lunch today about five times, dropped a third of his lunch on the floor, and stepped on it while attempting to retreive it, and then proceeded to try and eat his rescued portions!!! I intervened of course :)

But i did learn one other thing this weekend, trying to cook ... and knead three loaves worth of dough while suffering from neck and shoulder pain is not as rewarding as doing it without the pain... well at least I would assume so!

that along with the major caffeine withdrawal headache i am having due to only having one weak cup of coffee in three days! I feel rather flat and twisted all at once, while my brain is being squeezed! so enough! Im off to bed, hoping, hoping, hoping, that I will feel much better tomorrow. One thing is for sure, I will NOT bake bread tomorrow!

nite, nite, sleep tite, dont let the bed bugs bite!


  1. Ok..I'm totally impressed! Home made bread - whoa!! Once the caffeine headache is gone, you'll be feeling like a hundred bucks! Proud of you!!

  2. Yum!! It looks very good.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading up on your blog...I will warn ya now - I'm more of a lurker than a commenter. heh.

  3. I loved this post!! This is my fist time in for a visit and you made me feel warm and welcome..... and hungry.

    If I lived close, I would be by for a taste of that crusty bread. How fun! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow! That's great! That looks totally delic! Good for you for getting healthier and healthier. I just had to sit for awhile to catch up on your blog. Thanks for the healthier ketchup tip... I'll have to try that.