22 May 2007

The quiet revolution has begun...

The light has been turned on!!...

I have decided that it is time that I begin a healthy eating revolution in my home and kitchen, for the sake of the kids and my health, and wellbeing.

I have previously made the stand to avoid buying white bread, and full cream milk, this has been happening since B left us, and I am sure that it has benefited us all... despite the odd complaint or two from Sean and Rob about the seeds, or comments like "white bread tastes better mum". But I have persevered and now the kids have accepted that mum is trying to help them get healthy.
Anyway, I realise that changing bread and milk types is not enough...
But, for me to jump in the deep in and go all radical all at once, would probably cause me to have a nervous breakdown, let alone the mutiny that would occur from the lads :)

We have had a constant supply of apples in the house, "to keep the doctor away" ;) and this is great, except for when the boys get a loose tooth and can no longer bite into one without the tooth hurting, and no amount of their begging me to "pull it out" will work.

Two weeks ago I introduced Organic Wheat Bix into the house (and havnt told the kids - they look and taste exactly the same) purely for the benefit of knowing that there wont be any hidden chemical nasties in them. I also did this as I realise that wheat bix plays a big part in the boys diet.
Any items that play a large part in our diet, I am investigating ways to substitute for a much healthier alternative.

A few months back I went hunting for a healthier tomato sauce. The reason being that the boys and I often tend to "paint our food red before we eat it", and the amount of salt, sugar, preservatives, and colouring in the stuff is phenomenal!
I discovered that Heinz Big Red Lite was the best of the bunch and it was also approved by weight watchers as a zero point per serve food. It had 60% less salt and 25% less added sugar than the rest that I looked at! It had no artificial preservatives or colours or flavours... according to its labelling. So we did the switch. Then it was suggested to me recently that I go the real natural way and buy home made sauce from the local "women's work depot". I kinda balked at the idea as I have had an aversion to home made sauce since I was a kid. I think my step mum made the worst tomato sauce ever, not to mention the chutney and relish that she forced me to eat!!!
Yes I balked, but then I thought, well, who am I doing this food revolution for?? Im doing it for my kids, so knowing that they had no aversion to the home made stuff I was willing to forgo sauce for them. I went to the WWD and purchased two 900ml bottles of home-made tomato sauce (made without ezisauce - blurk!) for $3 ea. and stuck them in the fridge.
Tonight was the big test.... Meat pie for tea... You CANNOT have PIE without SAUCE!!!!

Out came the pie and out came the sauce... the kids thought it was great, and, yes, I tried it too, and it wasnt too bad ;D

One step at a time one or two foods at a time, we will have a quiet but determined food revolution in this house!
I have to sign off now, part of this healthy living thing is going to bed earlier! and it's past my bedtime!!!

I will keep you posted as we travel the road to good health....

night night

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