30 Apr. 2007

Monsters in the Garden!

Never did I know when I moved in to this Great House of Mine (and the bank's), that there in the back Yard, Lurked and horrible and mysterious CREATURE!
I ventured into the depths of the earth with my shovel.... reforming the shape of my Garden, oblivious!
As things were taking shape slowly and effortfully, I saw at the edge of my vision a movement.
I turned my head and looked.
I Screamed
I screamed again.
Short blasts of high pitched fright, echoed through the neighbourhood.
My Heart skipped, as my eyes adjusted, and saw what I at first thought was a Huge Spider (incase you didnt know - I am slightly petrified!!! of spiders, and all things creepy crawly that try to eat me!! regardless of the size of them compared to the size of me)
But as I looked more closely and realised that it wasnt a spider, I became astonished to see something that looked out of this world!
It was a couple of inches long, brown/black in colour and seemed awkward in the way it dragged its big fat body across the pavers.
My Brain over-rided the emergency panic button and kicked into gear.
I knew straight away what to do...
Grab the big plastic jar with the Dead Huntsman Spider in it (that's another story)
empty it and somehow get this disgustingly ugly awkward creature into it!
So with jar, and a coles catalogue, I did it!
I got up close and personal with the godzilla of bugs!
Once captured the boys and I crowded around, noses to the plastic (not literally, but close to it),
we looked.
This is what we saw....

click on the picture for a better look
Apparently it's quite common in parts around the world and Aussie land.
But in all my 3o odd years of living and digging in the dirt, I had never seen one like it before!
I rang a school mum -TC up, whose daughter is in rob's class, who is right into bugs and stuff, to ask her to come and see.
I honestly thought that I might have found a new species
LOL, I know, how silly of me :)
As I described it, she knew exactly what it was.
She had never seen them before until this summer, when her cats started bringing them inside to play with.
She had looked it up in a book, and discovered it's name.
We took it to an outing with TC and her girls, and met up with a couple of other mums and kids.
One mum tho said she remembers them from her child hood, but hadnt seen them for years, she said that she thought it was quite beautiful! High brow!^^
Man! it's UGLY!
anyway I looked it up on the net...
here is a really good link...
So I have been on the look out for them... but they are nocturnal dirt dwellers (hence the mole name) but I can hear them.... I was gardening last night, and I thought I had one cornered, as I could see the entrance of it's burrow, and could hear it's loud call. But alas, I dug to no avail!
Maybe one day I'll catch another one so the kids can take it to school to show off. (we caught this one in the school holidays which have just finished - school went back today.
maybe I should buy a head lamp and go out when it is really dark and stalk one down....
(now that I know what they are Im not so freaked anymore)
happy blogging :)
ps. If you have seen these before please let me know :) Im curious as to where they can be found...

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  1. kaz, i'm happy to say i have never seen one before...thank the good LORD! um...gross, gross, gross! i can't imagine trying to capture one in a jar - the thought of it is making me right now quiver! i'm glad i don't live in Asia - to eat them things would be mighty disgusting! happy gardening!