31 Jan. 2007

Im back again, for the moment :)

Hiya, I hope the christmas season found you all well and your new year is brighter than the last :).

It has been a busy time around here.

Chrissy day was a nice family affair at my Aunts, who lives a little way away, and whom I hadnt seen for a while. The boys had a lovely time with my younger cousins.

We had a couple of weeks away at the beach while Rob did swimming lessons in the surf. lots of sun, sand, surf and Wind! The boys all returned with tans, though we all were sunsmart as we have to be here in Aussie land. We all had scooters for christmas, and had fun scooting around in our gear (yes I even had a scooter and all the elbow, knee and wrist guards, and a helmet - i did look a little funny)

the Lads went to their dads for a whole week and he took them to the grampians for a couple of days. It was very quiet around here. I stayed a couple of days with my dad, as he's about to embark on quite an adventure - moving to the top of West Aussie, in the outback, to work at an old aboriginal mission. So it was good to have some time alone with him b4 he leaves. Hes off this sunday. Im taking the boys to see him tomorrow after school.

We have had some big happenings on the home front to be precise...

Our home has been on the market since the week b4 christmas... time to downsize the mortgage :D

A lady from away has made an offer on it and it is in the process of going under contract. I put an offer on a house today as well and it was accepted, so I begin the process of putting a contract on that tomorrow. It is all happening... packing, and downsizing and sending much to the op shop :) Trusting that all goes well, Rob should spend his 7th birthday at the new home.

Sean turned 5 last week. He's an Aussie kid through and through - born on australia day.

this week he started school for the first time! Boy do they grow up fast! Rob was also back at school too :)

Two boys at school and little Zac kept asking... am I going to kindy today mummy???

finally today he got to go to "little kindy". He only goes one morning a week until he turns 4.

Here is a proud as punch pic of my two school boys...