31 Dec. 2007

Auld Lang Syne.... whatever!

will someone please translate - "Auld Lang Syne"


Well I have just one thing to say to 2007....

in the words of Douglas Adams.... and mine....

"so long and thanks for all the dishes!!"

I have just one thing to say about "New Years Eve"...

in the words of my Dad...

"Bah Humbug!!!"

I have just one thing to say to 2008

in the words of me...

"look out coz here I come!!!"

and One last thing....

remember Jesus said...

in the words of Arnold Schwarzeneger ( I hope I spelt it right)...

"I'll be Back!!!"

see you all next year!!!!


30 Dec. 2007

A cackling Christmas

hmmm what shall I say about our christmas festivities???

The day began for me when I got out of bed at (shock horror) 7:25am!!!

There were no kids to wake me and I actually had to set my alarm clock!!!

I fussed around for a bit then drove to pick the boys up from their dad's, where they had been since the friday before.

Rob was the first to greet me with - "look what I got"

Zac was more affectionate and I got an immediate hug.

Sean did a mosey around with his toys and gave me a cuddle too.

Then it was a quick goodbye to Dad and Selena, climb back in the car, to get to the Christmas morning service which started at 9:00am.

The service was good as usual, but much shorter than usual, but Rob managed to sulk because he was bored. Sean played with his motorbike and Zac wriggled and constantly whispered LOUDLY. They were all dismayed at the being no sunday school, but managed to get through it anyway.... Anyone would think I was torturing them sometimes!!! Rob sulked at church again this morning, because Sean wouldnt let him have stickers from his sticker book.... no amount of little tickles or smiles could get him to shake off the sulks...

Anyway I'm getting off track from my tale.

The Christmas service finished just before 10am and we were bundled into the car again, heading for home.... and presents....

The kids were pleased (to put it lightly) and amazingly restrained, to discover the contents of each parcel. And oh I Praise the Lord that each of them LOVED their special item that I bought each of them. I unwrapped an interesting polyresin version of "Wee Jock" (a scottish highland terrier) from the boys with a little glass "worry angel" :) Christmas is amazing with kids, you just never know what intersting (or shocking) little suprise that they come up with for you. Oh but they are chosen and given in love and that is what matters!

Oooo its time to get in the car again. Yep we were off again, heading to a lovely couple's place for lunch... it was 5 mins to 11am.

We got there, the kids were told to shooo for a little while, while the three of us fiddled with food and stuff for lunch. The rest of the crowd arrived about 12 and we got down to the biz of eating, drinking and most importantly socialising. There was 6 adults and 9 kids all together. And the most of us had a top time. We even had a cake with candles and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

It was great, certainly made my day, at least.


We got home about 3:30pm, only to scoot inside, dump, collect and run. We were off to another friend's house for the arvo. Mon has just bought herself a house (or the bank has) for Christmas. She actually moved in christmas eve, and the boys hadnt visited her there yet.

Boys most pleased to see Jed and Robbie just had to test out his brand new radar gun to see how fast Jed could run. We sat around in the back yard under a brolley (but mostly in the sun) and yakked for a few hours. The boys mostly ran and ran and ran.... and just wouldnt run out of energy.

Eventually we got home. While the toasted sandwiches were cooking for tea in the sandwhich press, we rang my Dad and wished him a happy Christmas (for the rest of it anyway).

Then it was climb into bed for the boys. They had been up since 6am and were a wee bit on the tired (and grumpy) side. Sean protested loudly that he wanted to stay up and play with his toys and cried himself to sleep (sniff, sniff).

I realised that we had barely been home and the poor lads had barely had a chance to play with their stuff! Diddums... there was always tomorrow and tomorrow's tomorrow....

And well ... I sank onto the couch and went AAAAHHHHH!

and that was our day.

I hope you all found something to smile about on Christmas day. Would love to hear your tales :)

ps here is a cool pic of the crowd at lunch

23 Dec. 2007

Wonderful Savings Tips for Mums of under 7's

This is an Aussie site offering free membership in December 07. It appears a new site, but is already developing lovely resources for mum's like me and you :)

check it out.....


happy saving and happy christmas!

21 Dec. 2007

From the "purpose driven life"

I receive this email often, and this one i wanted to pass on.


Light For The Dark Side of Christmasby Jon Walker
Watch for this: A girl who is presently a virgin will get pregnant. She'll bear a son and name him Immanuel (God-With-Us). (Isaiah 7:14b, MSG)
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
As I write this, I am sitting in a fast food restaurant and over there … see her there, pretty in pink … this young girl, maybe five-years-old, is celebrating an early Christmas with her mother.

Her presents are spread out across the booth and … listen … she just said, “I miss you, Mommy.”

“I miss you too, baby,” her mother says.

My eyes move beyond their booth, and I see a woman casually, but carefully, watching them. Trained as a journalist to observe, I put it all together: The watching woman is a social worker, and she is supervising a structured visit for mother and child, who are doing the best they can to celebrate Christmas in the booth of a fast food restaurant. A few minutes later, the foster parents arrive to take the girl home with them while the mother leaves alone.

There is a darker side of Christmas that we rarely acknowledge. We create this fantasy of the perfect homecoming that rarely matches reality – even in the best of homes. There are many of us whose Christmas memories are full of tension, not tinsel.

Some of us know that the holidays are just another excuse for Mommy to get drunk or for Daddy to be with his new family. It’s a reminder that the one we love the most is far away – perhaps never coming back – or the relative we love the least will be placing his hands somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Would it surprise you to know that the suicide rate is extraordinarily high in December, and that depression is as common as joy to the world? I suspect there are far more people who hurt at Christmas than we would initially imagine. They find misery in mistletoe, and they have a sneaking suspicion that “ornament” is rooted in the word “ornery.”

For those tired of the hollow hope and the false fantasies of Christmas, the Good News is that God is with us. A virgin gives birth to a son, and his name is Immanuel (God-With-Us). (Isaiah 7:14)
What does this mean?

· Trust the baby in the manager – The babe in the manger came to give you good news, and it’s not the kind of good news that will dissipate tomorrow when the bad news arrives. You may be just hanging on by a thread, and you may not be able to see it yet, but the HOPE is here.

· Trust the baby born in heartbreaking conditions – That baby in the manger came to heal your broken heart. You may be bleeding inside, and for you Christmas is just another reminder of what might have been – “if only.” Jesus will heal your broken heart. You may not be able to feel it yet, but the HOPE is here. Trust the baby born in smelly, unsanitary, heartbreaking conditions.

· Trust the baby who grew to be a man of sorrow – He became a man acquainted with sorrow. He knew the true condition of the human heart. The baby in the manger came to help you make the right decisions. You may be so captive to drugs, alcohol, or pornography that you don’t even know how you can get help –if you’re even able to figure out that you need help. You may be in so much bondage that you can’t even see it, but the HOPE is here. Trust the baby, who did not stay in the manger, but grew to be a man facing difficult choices.

· Trust the baby who teaches us to live above our circumstances – That baby in the manger will help you live above your circumstances. You no longer have to be prisoner to the “what ifs” of life – what if I had a better job, what if I had a better marriage, what if I had a better life? I know it’s hard to see past the prison walls, but the HOPE is here. Trust the baby in the manger, whose circumstances led him from a poor beginning to a violent execution.

· Trust the baby who brings us a hope-filled Christmas – Bring him the ashes of your life and he’ll give you beauty; bring him the mourning in your life, and he’ll give you joy.

© 2007 Jon Walker. All rights reserved.

Jolly, Holy Christmas Quiz – We know there were three wise men, some frankincense and myrrh, and a huge star on the first Christmas Day. Plus there were shepherds watching their flock on a cold, silent night in winter, a little drummer boy, and the littlest angel … wait a minute, how much of this is tradition, and how much of it is based in the Bible. You may be surprised at what you find in this Biblical Christmas Quiz, available at http://www.gracecreates.com/.

Jon Walker is writer/pastor for the Web site www.GraceCreates.com.

Click HERE for a free subscription to The Purpose Driven Life Daily Devotional, your daily inspiration via email.

19 Dec. 2007

Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium....

By what means can God speak to us?

Can He speak through a secular movie with magic (OH NO!!) and an old man dying?

Yesterday 3 ladies and 5 little sons went to the movies. Mister Magorium was on the menu, along with popcorn and lollies for some.

The movie was a bit of fun and I laughed loudly often. My kids watched wonderfully between quirms and crunching popcorn and slurping "non-blue" ;) Pop-tops.

There was a little bit about a nicely varnished block of wood (approx 5"x5"x5" in dimension)... Mr Magorium hinted that it was indeed more than it seemed... if only you believed....

I saw then it was something that God was speaking to me about... first I thought He was telling me to "think outside the square", then, No, He was saying I should "think outside the CUBE"....
That God could do anything... and that I should never put Him in a box!

I realise it is so easy to forget, and think of GOD and all his wonders of love, hope, mercy, grace, power, might, etc, from our worldly perspective. Putting God within the bounds of our understanding is like saying that God is no more capable of stuff than we are.... GET REAL!
God is beyond anything we see, feel, hear, know, or can believe. Our Brains in our current predicament can not understand or comprehend God's Immensity and Everything!

So basically I need to Believe That GOD is Possible and Able to do far beyond my wildest imagination... I need to believe that God can and will do the impossible.

So I pray that from this time on I will think outside the cube and not in my humanity try to put God in His immensity, into a box. Father let me just believe... Amen

And guess what ??..... The movie also spoke to one of my friends that watched it with us... and what God showed her was through a completely different scene in the movie... and God spoke to her about something completly different... but that is her story to tell :)

I wonder who else has a story to tell????

18 Dec. 2007

THE MARK OF THE LION by Francine Rivers

Wow what a READ!

I have just last night finished reading the series by Francine Rivers called "The Mark of the Lion" And as the title suggests, there is no pussy footing around in this piece of writing. With grit, passion, and amazing tales of Faith, tragedy and victory, Ms Rivers weaves an amazing story based on history, about a very mixed group of subtley and loudly linked lives. I was shocked, surprised and mortified at times, and then I laughed and cried. I praised God for the messages in the trio of novels which spoke to me, and the insite into early Christian struggles. Though fiction, as a reader I was left in no doubt that there would have been true followers of "The Way" whose lives would have faced the same challenges and tradgedies as the characters in the series.

I wont go into the knitty gritty of the story, I would much rather you find a copy of the books yourselves and read them, devour them, digest them, and pass them on to bless another!

find out more about these books and the author here:

29 Nov. 2007

Changes all around

My Sister is finally getting married
My Dad has a new girlfriend
My ex husband is engaged to his girlfriend
My Mum is moving interstate to be with her man
And I have a fresh slate, a new beginning.

Point of view:

I am learning continually that attitude is a choice. Or rather God is reminding me constantly of the fact that I can choose to view things positively or negatively.

It is easy to look at things at face value and with a worldly attitude, to see with a negative eye.

It takes practice and a keen eye to find the positives in a typically negative situation.

My life has been one long good excuse to be grumpy! God however has gifted me with optimism. I have always tried to see a smile and a positive in life around me.

That is until recently. I have struggled for a number of years now since the failing of my marrige, to see the positives. Depression has often tried to claim me for its own. Often it has succeeded.

I am beginning to think tho that in reality, I have a choice to believe the constant negatives of depression (and cuddle up to it for comfort), or I can praise God for His gift optimism and find the things to smile about and get on with living.

I certainly dont propose that it is easy, rather I think that it is a daily and moment by moment decision to choose either the comfort and sympathy of depression or the life and victory and joy of the attitude of Christ.

I think that maybe depression is just a nasty habit for me that I need to stand against every moment until it's hold on me has been broken.

Today is a new day.

Life is a reason to be happy!

28 Nov. 2007

Help Save the Whales.....

Hey this is from an email circulating...

> www.whalesrevenge.com is trying to get a million people to sign a petition
> to stop whaling.
> If you could tell as many people as you can about the website, that would be
> a great help.
> Thanks for your support and remember to sign the petition.

Pass this link on please!

27 Nov. 2007

Nearly Christmas!

I dont Believe it! It is already nearly Christmas!!!! 4 weeks to go!

Is it too late to run away and hide????

Only joking! But all the fuss and cafuffal that goes on now!

I could go on an on and on and on etc about the commercialised rubbish they have turned christmas into.... but I will leave that up to some other blogger!

I just want to say

that it is all about JESUS!

Jesus the Saviour, the Holy Risen Lamb Of God!

It's His Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to YOU

happy Birthday Dear Jesus

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Hip Hip Hooray!


My Beautiful middle son Sean prayed tonight and gave his heart to Jesus!!!!!!!!

Celebrate Jesus Celebrate!!!!!

12 Nov. 2007

on writing here

Often is is much easier to write about my life, emotions, thoughts and struggles, than it is to actually speak of them out loud to others. Even when I know a select few of my friends will read my blog from time to time. I often fill pages of an exercise book with my ventings, and occasionally I voice them here. I dont know why really, but assume I am not alone in doing so on the net. Perhaps it is the comfort that someone is listening (reading) and that someone may understand. Anyway forgive my "ventings", "heat of the moment" and "woe is me" writings. I find something cheery to write again soon, I am sure.

The wolf in sheep's clothing!

Matthew 7:15-19 (NIV)
15"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

Now more than ever before I know what this passage means. I have been struggling a lot of late; I know that it began when I met the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Only this time, the wolf was dressed as my “prince charming” (of sorts).
I’ll not go into many details, but, he said all the right things (in the beginning), as if he knew all the right buttons to push, and knew how to make the most of my vulnerability and trusting nature. Whether he set out to accomplish what he did, I don’t know. Maybe he was a victim of the devil’s schemes as well?? Maybe. Even the devil can quote bible passages and pretend!!!
In the end though, I could no longer deny the sins in his life, and the sins I was committing through association with him.
I realised that he was not going to stop anytime soon, while I was seeing him. I realised that despite my ultimatum, I was as good as condoning his sin by being with him! So I called it off. I thought maybe for a short time, but as the following 2 weeks passed, many things were revealed to me by God and by those closest to me.
I reflected on our relationship and realised the amount of lies that came from his mouth! My dad then revealed that the “wolf” had made a derogatory remark to my Dad’s ex-girlfriend (who I am close to) and then proceeded to put the hard word on her!!! As to why they didn’t tell me when it happened I have NO_IDEA! It would have saved me a further two months of crap with a lying drug addicted selfish hypocrite! He is nothing like the man I knew 16years ago!
Yes I am Angry!! I have nightmares over it still and its been nearly 2 months since I spoke to him. What is painful, tho is that he lives only 2 houses away from me and I hear his distinctive sounding vehicle drive many times a day!
I want to yell at him and scream at him!!! But I am also afraid to. He is a strong man. It is as if he still has some hold over me!
I’m ranting I know but I gotta get it out of me. Its eating me!
I’ve asked God’s forgiveness, but I can’t break free of how dirty and used and hurt I feel.
How could I be so deceived?
Now I know, reading the above passage... You can tell them by their fruits!!!!!
Please Lord let me not be so blind again!!!!!

11 Nov. 2007

Psalm 91

God often reminds me of this psalm:

Psalm 91
1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust."
3 Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare and from the deadly pestilence.
4 He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
5 You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day,
6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday.
7 A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.
8 You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.
9 If you make the Most High your dwelling— even the LORD, who is my refuge-
10 then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent.
11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;
12 they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
13 You will tread upon the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
14 "Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
15 He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.
16 With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation."

Journey within me

Journey within me
I lie on my bed, my pillows high, hound beside me and emotion thundering in my ears.
The ache in my throat tells the tale of unuttered sorrow and despair.
Tears run down my face, oozing from barely seeing eyes.
I am full of grief and sad words of memories and hurt.
Here I could stay the rest of my days, but duty forces me to move, regretfully.
I know I should do more, but desire defeats me.
I would sleep all the days and nights through, but for the little ones who need me.
I need them to save me from my brokenness of heart.
My heart broken countless times barely has enough substance left to hold together.
The scars harden my face to them in the world that they might not journey within me
and be trapped too in my fortress of walls and lose all desire to leave
I am deluded I know that I am safe only in here.
But I shy away from all in case they may harm me, hurt me, or make my heart bleed.
On occasion I dare to speak of some of my demise to one whom I take the leap of faith to trust.
It is more a cry for one to understand, perhaps to help.
I do not cry for attention for attention only makes me vulnerable to harm.
I have poured myself into addictions, to distract myself from me.
But disdain drives me to pry myself away again from their evil lure.
Then I am left with nothing again to fly me away from all that reminds me of my desperate loneliness and despair.
I fear I will be swallowed or drowned.
Only one can save me now.
But to Him mostly I am lost for words or too afraid to voice my shame.
I do not want to stay here...
But I have forgotten how to leave.

15 Oct. 2007

Sunset at Piccininnie Ponds

This was taken on one of our whale bone exhibitions to Piccininnie Ponds. The picture is taken looking over the outlet from the ponds onto the beach.

picture show-off

Whales... whales and more whale bones...

Seems to have been a minor epidemic of beached whales and whale bones washed up around here. Sad but true! Boys and I visited whale carcas at livingston bay recently (as per blog) and forgot to take a pic of it... not that it was very nice at all to see. Then we were told of a whale washed up at piccininie ponds so we went to investigate. Turned out it was skeletal remains. We took Rob's best friend and Mum down there with us another day, and discovered another part skeleton further down the beach. Here are some photos from our little expeditions.

Parental guidence recommended....

8 Oct. 2007

Well, what do I say??? Cupid cut and ran!

Not happy, didnt happen, not gonna, been made a fool of, wanna forget it.
and thats all I wanna say atm about that!!!!

31 Aug. 2007

update :)

HI all, THe Uggies and pillow are back, and so are my results.... got to get a Cpap machine... so I can breathe uninterupted through the night. THo I wonder how I will sleep with the hum of the machine all night! Im sure I will get used to it :) HOpe you are all well xo Kaz

ps here's a cool pic taken at livingston bay last monday (livingston bay is partway between blackfellows caves and carpenter rocks)

we were checking out a dead whale on the beach at the time... :(

14 Aug. 2007


Hmmm, well Ive just returned from an overnight jaunt south of the border to Hamilton, where I donned many wires and a tube up the snoz, and attemped to sleep...

I had an overnight sleep study, for those not in the know, it was to find out whether I have sleep apnea or not, to study my snoring (LOL), breathing (or not breathing), and leg movements - or lack of. Sleep apnea is a disorder where people actually stop breathing while sleeping.

Well, I must say, it was not a pleasant experience.

I tossed and turned most of the night (and yes, I snored) as I had seven wires stuck to my head and face, two to my neck, one under my breast, a wires stuck to each of my calves, A big belt of wires around my upper chest, and another one around my stomach with a flashing yellow light, and to top it off one pegged and strapped too tightly to my finger with a red light on it.

and they were all connected to a board at the top of the bed head.

There was also a video camera pointed at me from the ceiling, next to an infa red light.

Lights out at 9.30, and woken up at 6.45am.

I had a shower, and struggled to get the goopy glue stuff out of my hair they used to attach wires, and the same behind my ears. I got dressed, packed my bag and headed for the door.

I got out to the car to discover it is covered in a nice chunky layer of ice. No it didnt snow, but it was a mean frost. Took my car 20 mins to defrost the windscreen enough for me to see through it. The window washer squirters were all frozen, bar one which had enough pressure to squirt the water onto the roof of the car instead of the windscreen.

Mc donalds were open :) so it was a Large flat white Cup of mmmm mmmm Coffee for me, and a sausage and egg mcmuffin! ANd off down the highway I went, back to home, 133 or so kilometers away. The scenery was great, with frost and fog, and the sun rising through it all, so I stopped numerous times and had a play with my camera. I eventually got home and unpacked the car.

I got into the house to find it was only 6 degrees C inside! So I arced the heater up. I then sat down and took my sneakers off and looked for my Uggies (lambswool slippers)... Oh No!

THen I looked for my pillow! OH NO!! x two!

I realised that I had left both my pillow and my uggies back at hamilton at the sleep clinic!

So I rang the clinic and left a message... they rang back later, and lucky me, the specialist just so happens to be heading this way tomorrow for a clinic, so I get them back, even though, alas, I have to go a whole night without them... my toes are cold, and I'll have to use the spare pillow. Never mind :)

I dont find out until the 30th my results from the test, but Im not worried about that, Im more concerned about getting a decent sleep tonight in my nice warm, cosy bed, with my nice snuggly doona, and alas... the other pillow .... No worries, I think tonight I could sleep with a brick as a pillow, and not notice.

well, anyway, thought Id stick a pic or two from my short trip away on the blog...

Here Goes....

3 Jun. 2007

Look what I did!!!

Guess what I did yesterday, with a little help from my young apprentices....

I baked my first ever loaf of BREAD!!

and I didnt use an automatic breadmaker, i did it from scratch... well, I didnt milk a cow or grow and grind my own flour, but I did put raw ingredients in and mix it and kneed it and punch it, and kneed it and Cook it!!!

Rob loves it, recons that we shouldnt buy bread ever again!.... so I cooked two more today and cut and made sandwiches with them, and froze them for their lunches this week :)
Sean isnt too keen on the crust, but Rob did this big speel on how good crusts are for the teeth and gums.... Good on ya Rob!

Zac didnt care too much, still managed to get down from the table during lunch today about five times, dropped a third of his lunch on the floor, and stepped on it while attempting to retreive it, and then proceeded to try and eat his rescued portions!!! I intervened of course :)

But i did learn one other thing this weekend, trying to cook ... and knead three loaves worth of dough while suffering from neck and shoulder pain is not as rewarding as doing it without the pain... well at least I would assume so!

that along with the major caffeine withdrawal headache i am having due to only having one weak cup of coffee in three days! I feel rather flat and twisted all at once, while my brain is being squeezed! so enough! Im off to bed, hoping, hoping, hoping, that I will feel much better tomorrow. One thing is for sure, I will NOT bake bread tomorrow!

nite, nite, sleep tite, dont let the bed bugs bite!

1 Jun. 2007

Polenta.... revolution????

Okie dokie, Ive bought a 1kg bag of fine polenta (cornmeal) with a hope to cook something healthy with it for me and the boys.... but errr after an evening of poking around the net looking ... and still having not much of an idea, I thought Id ask my fellow bloggers out there...
So my worldwide friends, have you any favourite tried and tested recipes you could help a helpless wanna-be-healthy aussie mum :)
Pretty please with funny yellow looking polenta on top :D
Ive heard you can do a breaky type thing with polenta??? Or add it to bread doughs???
but i may be wrong.
I look forward to hearing from you

25 May 2007

My baby boy is 3 today!!

THis is My ZAC :)

TOday is the 3rd anniversary of his birth....
I remember it SOOOOO well ;)
just before 3 in the morning, I was in hospital, having been induced, and the doctor had gone home, and Brendan the dad had gone home, and I was having a bath when all of a HOOLEY DOOLEY! sudden Zac wanted to come out! I was screaming out to the midwife (an ancient "battle-axe" who I'd been warned about, and told "whatever you do dont get HER!")
I was in tremendous pain, the midwife hadnt given me any painkillers, and was desperately trying to get out of the bath without slipping over. Eventually she heard my cries and helped me out and back to my room. I was begging her for something for the pain, and all she did was tell me I was not to PUSH! How do you not when the whole of your body is trying to???
So I clenched and "crossed my legs" as hard as I could, but I knew it was no use... I have never been in so much pain in my life!!!! even with the other two, it wasnt as bad.
The midwife eventually let me have some gas after I started screaming from the pain. Yay
It didnt do much. she left me and called the doctor and brendan. Brendan arrived 10 mins before he was born, and the doctor arrived only 3 mins before Zac was born.
I could feel him turning the baby inside me, to get him out.
THen he was born.... what a relief!!!!!!!
THen the doctor wisked him to the table with all the machines... they were quiet.
Zac wasnt crying.
I asked what was wrong.
The doc said that the cord had been wrapped around Zac's neck and they were giving him oxygen.
Then The cry came :)
and Zac was placed in my arms.
Oh what Joy after so much pain!
The first photo is of zac only 10 mins after he was born.
He was beautiful, My son, A beautiful Gift from God!
Zac William we called him, why you may ask...
Well we had used up all the cool names with Robert Bruce, and Sean Liam, and we got to the end of the baby name book, and the last name was Zac. Brendan Approved.
But what was even more special to me about the name was its meaning:
"God remembers"
I knew straight away that this was the right name. I knew that God was saying to me that He remembered my first pregnancy, which didnt last very long, only six weeks, but I had still deep down grieved, and blamed myself for.
God was saying to me that He remembered, and that Zac was His gift to me, so that I should grieve no more.
Zac has been a pleasure, he nearly always has a smile on his dial!
He was the one that slept!!!!
Even when Brendan left when he was only 6 and a half months old, he was a comfort to me. My boys have all been a comfort and joy to me!
And now He is three!
He was born
at 2:53am Tuesday 25th of May 2004
he weighed 4.33kg / 9lb 9oz
He was 51 cms in length.
and His feet were huge! they were just over 10cm long - 4inches.
Now He is 99cm tall!!! and Beautiful!

this wednesday gone tho, he had a little accident while mucking around in the lounge room with Sean....
He managed somehow to smash his mouth on the arm of the couch!
My stomach still churns at the thought, emergency, EMERGENCY!!!! I rang his dad and he came rushing home from work to help and see what to do.... He is always much more sensible and level headed when disaster strikes - me, well I was a mess... which didnt help Zac much at all. It seemed like his whole mouth was full of blood. I praise God that A special friend of mine was here at the time, and she seemed to cope much better than me! She took sean with her and picked up Robbie from school for me.
Brendan arrived, zac had stopped crying and had settled quite comfortably in my arms. Brendan checked him out, and said there wasnt much we could do, he tried to push zac's tooth back into its socket but it wouldnt go. It was still in place, but was hanging a lot lower than the other teeth. Brendand didnt want to cause Zac anymore pain than neccessary. Luckily it is his baby tooth, so hopefully his adult tooth will come through properly :)
We had soup and bread for tea.... and zac complained a bit. I put him in my bed for the night, so I could be near him, to hear him if he needed me.
the Next morning he didnt want breaky because he thought that he would hurt his tooth, but I managed to get him to eat it. We went to playgroup, and it was hurting him, and appeared as if it was dropping further from the socket, so I thought well, it is not going to stay there. So I asked Zac if He wanted me to take it out, and he said "yes please mummy" so I got some paper towel, and gently pulled it out... it came out extremely easy and Zac didnt cry once! My brave little man! I felt a bit queasy after that ! and Zac was the happiest he'd been since before he hurt it!
So all is well now, we just have to wait for his gum to heal and the big bruise on his bottom lip to go away. THere is a very happy smiling face of Zac, above ^ with his little gappy smile :)
Then a little after we had a birthday song and Cake for Zac and Mallory (she is 2 days older than Zac and her mum and I were just down the hall from each other at the hospital).
THe photo above shows mallory and Zac blowing the candles out, along with a very enthusiastic 1 yo boy - Travis, who was determined to make sure the candles didnt stay alight for long!!
Very cute!
So today is His special day and he's currently enjoying it quite well... playing trains on the lounge room carpet.

22 May 2007

The quiet revolution has begun...

The light has been turned on!!...

I have decided that it is time that I begin a healthy eating revolution in my home and kitchen, for the sake of the kids and my health, and wellbeing.

I have previously made the stand to avoid buying white bread, and full cream milk, this has been happening since B left us, and I am sure that it has benefited us all... despite the odd complaint or two from Sean and Rob about the seeds, or comments like "white bread tastes better mum". But I have persevered and now the kids have accepted that mum is trying to help them get healthy.
Anyway, I realise that changing bread and milk types is not enough...
But, for me to jump in the deep in and go all radical all at once, would probably cause me to have a nervous breakdown, let alone the mutiny that would occur from the lads :)

We have had a constant supply of apples in the house, "to keep the doctor away" ;) and this is great, except for when the boys get a loose tooth and can no longer bite into one without the tooth hurting, and no amount of their begging me to "pull it out" will work.

Two weeks ago I introduced Organic Wheat Bix into the house (and havnt told the kids - they look and taste exactly the same) purely for the benefit of knowing that there wont be any hidden chemical nasties in them. I also did this as I realise that wheat bix plays a big part in the boys diet.
Any items that play a large part in our diet, I am investigating ways to substitute for a much healthier alternative.

A few months back I went hunting for a healthier tomato sauce. The reason being that the boys and I often tend to "paint our food red before we eat it", and the amount of salt, sugar, preservatives, and colouring in the stuff is phenomenal!
I discovered that Heinz Big Red Lite was the best of the bunch and it was also approved by weight watchers as a zero point per serve food. It had 60% less salt and 25% less added sugar than the rest that I looked at! It had no artificial preservatives or colours or flavours... according to its labelling. So we did the switch. Then it was suggested to me recently that I go the real natural way and buy home made sauce from the local "women's work depot". I kinda balked at the idea as I have had an aversion to home made sauce since I was a kid. I think my step mum made the worst tomato sauce ever, not to mention the chutney and relish that she forced me to eat!!!
Yes I balked, but then I thought, well, who am I doing this food revolution for?? Im doing it for my kids, so knowing that they had no aversion to the home made stuff I was willing to forgo sauce for them. I went to the WWD and purchased two 900ml bottles of home-made tomato sauce (made without ezisauce - blurk!) for $3 ea. and stuck them in the fridge.
Tonight was the big test.... Meat pie for tea... You CANNOT have PIE without SAUCE!!!!

Out came the pie and out came the sauce... the kids thought it was great, and, yes, I tried it too, and it wasnt too bad ;D

One step at a time one or two foods at a time, we will have a quiet but determined food revolution in this house!
I have to sign off now, part of this healthy living thing is going to bed earlier! and it's past my bedtime!!!

I will keep you posted as we travel the road to good health....

night night

30 Apr. 2007

Monsters in the Garden!

Never did I know when I moved in to this Great House of Mine (and the bank's), that there in the back Yard, Lurked and horrible and mysterious CREATURE!
I ventured into the depths of the earth with my shovel.... reforming the shape of my Garden, oblivious!
As things were taking shape slowly and effortfully, I saw at the edge of my vision a movement.
I turned my head and looked.
I Screamed
I screamed again.
Short blasts of high pitched fright, echoed through the neighbourhood.
My Heart skipped, as my eyes adjusted, and saw what I at first thought was a Huge Spider (incase you didnt know - I am slightly petrified!!! of spiders, and all things creepy crawly that try to eat me!! regardless of the size of them compared to the size of me)
But as I looked more closely and realised that it wasnt a spider, I became astonished to see something that looked out of this world!
It was a couple of inches long, brown/black in colour and seemed awkward in the way it dragged its big fat body across the pavers.
My Brain over-rided the emergency panic button and kicked into gear.
I knew straight away what to do...
Grab the big plastic jar with the Dead Huntsman Spider in it (that's another story)
empty it and somehow get this disgustingly ugly awkward creature into it!
So with jar, and a coles catalogue, I did it!
I got up close and personal with the godzilla of bugs!
Once captured the boys and I crowded around, noses to the plastic (not literally, but close to it),
we looked.
This is what we saw....

click on the picture for a better look
Apparently it's quite common in parts around the world and Aussie land.
But in all my 3o odd years of living and digging in the dirt, I had never seen one like it before!
I rang a school mum -TC up, whose daughter is in rob's class, who is right into bugs and stuff, to ask her to come and see.
I honestly thought that I might have found a new species
LOL, I know, how silly of me :)
As I described it, she knew exactly what it was.
She had never seen them before until this summer, when her cats started bringing them inside to play with.
She had looked it up in a book, and discovered it's name.
We took it to an outing with TC and her girls, and met up with a couple of other mums and kids.
One mum tho said she remembers them from her child hood, but hadnt seen them for years, she said that she thought it was quite beautiful! High brow!^^
Man! it's UGLY!
anyway I looked it up on the net...
here is a really good link...
So I have been on the look out for them... but they are nocturnal dirt dwellers (hence the mole name) but I can hear them.... I was gardening last night, and I thought I had one cornered, as I could see the entrance of it's burrow, and could hear it's loud call. But alas, I dug to no avail!
Maybe one day I'll catch another one so the kids can take it to school to show off. (we caught this one in the school holidays which have just finished - school went back today.
maybe I should buy a head lamp and go out when it is really dark and stalk one down....
(now that I know what they are Im not so freaked anymore)
happy blogging :)
ps. If you have seen these before please let me know :) Im curious as to where they can be found...

22 Apr. 2007

Hi, Hello, Its me again

well actually this is my second attempt today at writing my blog.... the first one was all written and I click publish and .... and.... and... the computer/internet/something spat the chook and decided not to publish my blog, and instead erased all memory of it!
Its been so long since I posted that I forgot how annoying the blogland can be at times!
Ahhh well, never mind, couple-a-days!

So basically the first version was telling you guys about how we've moved house, been here just over a month.
The SOLD sticker went up on our old house and the Sold sticker went up on our new house.... with lots of nailbiting along the way.
We did the "ownsize the house and downsize the loan" thing, and I tell you I havnt looked back!

I love it here, the kids love it here and unfortunately so do the ants :)!!! argh
ITs great, 3 bedroom brick and tile, with 2 bathrooms (oohlalah luxury - I have an ensuite - never had one of them before), kitchen/dining, lounge with gas heating, pergola-paved area, huge garage, huge carport, raised garden beds, airconditioner!!! WOWOWOWOWOWO
like luxury... but with a few hitches - shocking paint job throughout! dodgy gas heater and stove, wood heater in a ridiculous place, watersoftener doesnt work, and the Tv aerial cost me a fortune to fix (more arghh's!!!) but other than that all is ok. THe place is definately looking lived in, and I am mostly all unpacked... but the sorting out is continuous.

Here is a piccie of the new home:

well its goodnight from me 4 now.... not far off midnight here and I NEED my beauty sleep!
cu round ere more often!

31 Jan. 2007

Im back again, for the moment :)

Hiya, I hope the christmas season found you all well and your new year is brighter than the last :).

It has been a busy time around here.

Chrissy day was a nice family affair at my Aunts, who lives a little way away, and whom I hadnt seen for a while. The boys had a lovely time with my younger cousins.

We had a couple of weeks away at the beach while Rob did swimming lessons in the surf. lots of sun, sand, surf and Wind! The boys all returned with tans, though we all were sunsmart as we have to be here in Aussie land. We all had scooters for christmas, and had fun scooting around in our gear (yes I even had a scooter and all the elbow, knee and wrist guards, and a helmet - i did look a little funny)

the Lads went to their dads for a whole week and he took them to the grampians for a couple of days. It was very quiet around here. I stayed a couple of days with my dad, as he's about to embark on quite an adventure - moving to the top of West Aussie, in the outback, to work at an old aboriginal mission. So it was good to have some time alone with him b4 he leaves. Hes off this sunday. Im taking the boys to see him tomorrow after school.

We have had some big happenings on the home front to be precise...

Our home has been on the market since the week b4 christmas... time to downsize the mortgage :D

A lady from away has made an offer on it and it is in the process of going under contract. I put an offer on a house today as well and it was accepted, so I begin the process of putting a contract on that tomorrow. It is all happening... packing, and downsizing and sending much to the op shop :) Trusting that all goes well, Rob should spend his 7th birthday at the new home.

Sean turned 5 last week. He's an Aussie kid through and through - born on australia day.

this week he started school for the first time! Boy do they grow up fast! Rob was also back at school too :)

Two boys at school and little Zac kept asking... am I going to kindy today mummy???

finally today he got to go to "little kindy". He only goes one morning a week until he turns 4.

Here is a proud as punch pic of my two school boys...