30 Oct. 2006

Great is His Faithfulness!

Just when you think you've had a breakthrough.... and life is a buzz to live... and you've been having a "praise God, aint He just great!" time and it feels like you've finally got it all worked out...
then comes the storm
the time for testing...
the time when you just want to run
run and hide from GOD!
you feel like you're living a Job life all of a sudden... and as if your hotline to heaven has been cut off... out of service... and no amount of yelling or crying out seems to get God's attention...
you FEEL abandoned, lost, unloved...

But Since when is faith based on a feeling????
Faith based on a feeling isnt faith at all...

I praise God for these times, for I know that he is testing my faith... so that I will become stronger in him and ultimately be becoming more like Him.
I know that he will not test me beyond what I can not withstand, for he doesnt want me to be lost forever, No.
His testing is a reminder to me to keep on relying on him, not myself... and to stretch my boundaries of faith... So that I will REALLY believe that which he has been teaching me!
It is not enough that I should learn the theory, I must also do the practical...
I have to learn to put what he has taught me into practice, so that it will become engraved in my heart... Yet another wonderful treasure of His to keep in me.

These times though are not easy, but we can be assured that we are not abandoned, rather we are like the baby bird learning to fly... while the father quietly watches over, ready to catch us if we fall, and congratulate us when the trial is over. "well done good and faithful servant"

James 1:3
For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.

1 Peter 1:7
These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

(New Living Translation)

19 Oct. 2006

Now I need a REAL holiday :)

I know, yeah I had a holiday last week. it was good. But, I am really tired still. I have been going and going and going, and I have now grinded to a halt. I need a REAL holiday! but that aint going to happen anytime soon. Never mind.
I feel flat and wrung out, and need to get with God more, and find my pillow earlier too. So I havnt got anything of substance to tell you about the last week... my mind is not on the job. Have been reading all your blogs (those of you who have alerted me to ur blogs, that is.... hey you anonomous readers of here... say gudday sometime :) Id love 2 get 2 know you all!). Tis good to read ur happenings and u guys give me plenty to smile and think about!
So, well, Im signing out now. Luv Ya's
xo Kaz

15 Oct. 2006

Im Baaaack!

ahhh Had lovely weekend... lots of fellowship, deep thinking and deep conversations. Enjoyed the change of scenery and food! Twas that wonderful, that I am extremely tired, and need to sleep NOW! :)
g'night all, dont let the bed bugs bite!

11 Oct. 2006

I recommend this....

I have just finished reading this book... I have found it a blessing.
I t has confirmed some of what God has been doing in my life atm.
A group of ladies from my church were also inspired and blessed from reading this book, so much so, that they have organised a women's retreat based on some of this book.
The "retreat" is happening this weekend....
Im quite looking forward to it, as I know most of us are...
It is interesting as how many of us women in our congregation (myself included) initially said "NO WAY!" to going on the camp, as it involved us dressing up for a 3course formal dinner saturday night, following an optional pampering/beauty/makeup session...
OOOO EEEEE said Me, Im not doing that girly c.r.a.p! was my instant reaction, along with a few of my friends.
Well guess what??!! all us "non-girly" type chicks that said no way.... are now going to the camp! God wants us there and we're going, and that's that! (mind u, we're most probably gonna forgo the makeup stuff and heels)
So I will give all a run down on the happenings when I return.... If I survive! ;)
Find Captivating here

10 Oct. 2006


Let me shine Lord
Let me sparkle bright
Let me glow from within
Your marvellous light.

May I shine your glory
Like a diamond in the night
A Reflection of your love
And your glorious light

Shine Lord, like diamonds
Shine like diamonds bright
To the world around me
Show your beautiful light

Let me be your diamond
Polish me just right
So all may see clearly
Your Love, Glory and Light

This poetry is my original,
please ask me for permission before reproducing it.

7 Oct. 2006

I've been Tagged! By Cool Mama - cool chickie from blog land :)

Hooley Dooley!
So I gotta write a bit of stuff about....
Fierce - Destiny - Scrumptious - Compassion
hmmm let me see...

Fierce - the wind is feirce here atm, blowing the trees all over as they are dry, the land is drying out for the feirceness of the weatherchanges... we are lucky, we still have water here, but there is so much drought around my beautiful country that I live. Now we are coming to the season of fire, and fear of the feirceness of fire is already in many people's hearts... remembering the devastation and tragedies of seasons past. I remember Ash Wednesday when I was 10... enough to put fear into anyone, but I am the Lords, and He holds me in His hands, and that is all I need, so feirce doesnt worry me.

Destiny - Future, the plans that were written before the world began. God knew the choices that we would make in our lives before he formed us in our mother's womb. Jer 29:11 I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. So again, Im the Lords, and He holds me in His hands, and that is all I need to know... not that I wouldnt mind Him letting me in on the plans occassionally :D

Scrumptious - Chocolate! Cuppacino filled Dark Chocolate! hmmm yummy... consumed with - you guessed it - COFFEE, freshly brewed, hold the froth, and 2 spoons of sweetness please! Toasted marshmallows by the campfire, and baked potatoes with a dollop of butter for breakfast!
But really what is scrumptious??? Waking up with a little man standing next to ur bed saying Good morning Mummy, and giving you a bear hug and a sloppy kiss :)

Compassion - When your heart breaks, and the lump in your throat wont go away, and the tears flow silently and all you want to do is hug them... Compassion is Jesus climbing up on the cross and dying... for us. Pass it on!

did I do it right??? :D

ahhh now I get to pass the tag along...
Who shall I tag??? let me see.... Well Stitching Mum! and Sewluvlee!

and.... summer, horizon, boys, captivating

5 Oct. 2006


You found me Lord,
You sifted and sorted and gleaned
Until in the dust and rubble
You found me.

You found me rough and hard and dirty
But you saw a glimmer inside
You could see me through the dross and muck
You held on and did not cast me aside

Afraid, I was, I tried to hide
I was ashamed that you would see
All my chips and cracks and flaws
And the mistake you’d made with me.

But, like something precious
You carried me gently home
Where you washed and made me clean
Showing more care than I had known.

You cut me as a jewel
With cheerful hands and song
And slowly surely gently
My raggedness was gone

You moved with skill and Love
Polishing until when
I saw in your eyes, reflected
A beautiful diamond gem.

This poetry is my original, please ask before reproducing it, Thankyou.

2 Oct. 2006

Can you see me as Jesus does???

Read(Luke 7:37-50 GNB)

Please dont write someone off just because of their past...

We all have fallen short, have made mistakes, have sinned. It doesnt matter whether you have followed Christ Jesus from early childhood, or from yesterday... you have sinned in some manner. And there is no "small sin" or "big sin" - all sins are counted the same... for all cost the same - death. But for those who follow Jesus the price is only death-to-self, and then by grace we are made alive in Christ, For Christ paid the price for us.
So not one of us is perfect or blameless, but through our faith in Jesus, repentance and grace we are each made perfect in the sight of God, because of Jesus! Jesus our King!
So please, ask Jesus to help you see with His eyes, what He sees and to show one another the grace and love he has shown you.

I am Forgiven!

I am no longer “fallen”
I am no longer “used goods”
I am no longer “dirty and adulterous”
I am no longer “baggage laden”

Cant you see me???
I am risen with Christ
I am made new again
I am made clean and pure
I am laden with blessings

This is me because of Christ
His Grace is made abundant in me
He has washed me clean
that I may shine like a diamond for HIM!

So do not judge me any more, for I am HIS.
I belong to Jesus and he has made me clean.
Do not look at me and say
“Look at what she’s done! Look at all the baggage.
she's no good, she’s all used up, and comes with little feet…”

Look instead at me, just as Jesus does.
For I am a new creation and am a diamond in His eyes.
And see all that comes with me is not baggage… it is abundant blessings of Grace and Faith…and the little feet that follow are priceless gifts from God!