5 Dec. 2006


Proverbs 13:12
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

This keeps popping up in my thoughts these last few days... and then I get an email today, which for no apparent reason happens to quote this exact verse!
What now?!!


  1. okay, so i was really confused by this verse. i wanted so badly for my study bible to have a footnote on it and explain it to me, but it does not. so everytime i read it, i try to understand it. today, it hit me the most because of some stuff (aka: crap) that i'm going through. but i am constantly praying about it, and then i read this verse today and it's hitting my heart. if i follow my hope and dreams -- with Christ as my guide -- i can be fulfilled. Hmmm.. that is great! thanks!

  2. hey, happy birthday, Kaz (a couple days late!)

  3. Hey Kaz...wondering how you're doing...and what you're up to?

  4. RU ever coming back? Miss ya!