24 Nov. 2006

When all else fails get the woman to read the instructions! :)

Hmmm Note the internal workings of a toilet cistern:

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I am now officially well and truly aquainted with them!
I carefully and methodically pulled it apart, after assessing the offending parts which were causing multiple leaks. Informing males of my assessment upon their arrival, I told them I needed their opinion...
I proceeded to attempt (while male persons stood nearby talking bloke stuff) the removal of tap fitting to replace washer which was source of first leak problem. Finding my muscle power and tool equipment, ineffective, I asked for help. First male person (hired handyman) went to car to retreive tools, second male person (ex-husband) took tools and replaced washer. I turned water mains back on and then...
After getting two males to look at it, glance briefly at ressurected instructions found in the labrynth, get their hands mildy dirty, and fiddle a bit at it and tell me what to do... Go to hardware store, Act dumb and ask for fixit parts. They left, first male person receive $5 for his trouble, second male person received children for the weekend.
So... I did as informed, went to hardware store and told 'em I wanted "one of these" and "something to fix that". Paid $28.65 and left store.
After minor detour at friends house for refreshment and chat, I returned home to complete my initiation into all things toilet!
Took box out of bag containing second offending item's replacement- a float mechanism... cost $26.70, took third offending item's replacement - seal from bottom of button pressing mechanism that lets the water Go... cost $1.95, from the bag and immediately fitted seal to button pressy thingy base.
Next took float mechanism from box and fitted it according to instructions, and fitted button pressy thingy as well. Hey presto! with lid on tap turned on, and all fixed.
I then sat on loo and read intructions for maintenance of float thingy....
fiddle fiddle with the old float thingy and lookie there... off comes the top as it says and inside tiny bits of copper pipe grit caught where the top rubber seal was...
Hmmmm!!!!! indeed float is now AOK with grit removed...
Now I have a brand new float mechanism and a perfectly good used spare float mechanism for when the brand new one stops working.... which will be probably be when Im 90 and have moved to a retirement village!
So when funds are tightish, I go and spend $26.70 more than I have to, just because to grown men cant read instructions!
Note the instructions:
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By the way, I had always had a huge aversion to opening the top of a cistern... I really dont know why, it is not where all the yuck stuff goes, the water is clean, fresh from the mains supply, it only gets a bit of mildew or algae type stuff in it on the sides from constant contact with water.

Does anyone else find the opening of the lid as having a high cringe factor?
Are you scared that something GROSS is lurking there?


  1. ROFL...You are hilarious! FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY! I don't read directions all that well either. I'm glad you have a working toilet again! It's a must-have thing with 3 boys - believe me, I know.

  2. You are just too funny!
    I absolutely love fixin' stuff! I get a high out of makin' something broke to be unbroke! But yes, scarey things -- unmentionable things -- slimy things -- gross and grotesque things -- in fact, all things such-like lurk beneath the lid of the toilet tank! It is a frightening thing to ever have to lift that lid!