18 Nov. 2006

Thankfulness... pt 4

A lawn mower that starts! (after the 10th exhausting pull - reminding me to get on the "get fit" thing very soon! or get a new spark plug)

Boys that say Yes Mummy :)


God giving me the "give it a go" attitude - coz now the sprinkler system is fixed.

Questions that make you think... and think...

Saturday nights home

Feelings of anticipation of going to church tomorrow

HOT showers :)

Rose scented bubble bath

Lavender scented shampoo

feelings of achievement... a job done

A lounge room and computer room all painted...

amicable conversation with an ex

Suprise visits from a friend

Gardening advise

A clamp... reminding me of another job to have a go at...

tomato plants planted

a rooftop garden :)

YMCA - yesterdays muck cooked again - eating leftovers ;) and not having to cook again

chatter from Squawk the budgie

3 less mouths to feed... Goldfish gone to kid's dad's place ( and no fish tank to clean!!)

the off button on the telly

the on button on the radio

104.9 fm frequency...


yawns that remind that I should go to bed soon...


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