14 Nov. 2006

Thankfulness... pt 3

I have decided not to number any more... because I hope to remember to be thankful infinitely! And that it doesnt matter if I repeat, for it just says that Im extra thankful for that! :)

Praise God... I am Thankful that I can Praise God!
I am thankful that I can now sing day and night to my God and not be afraid.
That I can leave 20 million bibles around the house (if I had that many) and not be made to feel guilty... and read them too!
That I can teach my boys about God Freely!
That I can Pray any time, in any room and as loud as I want and not worry that I might be heard.
That my little men can do all of the above in this home and feel just as much freedom.. to learn to read to sing to pray to live for Christ Jesus
That there is Joy and Peace and Love in this home... that is beyond the worlds definition of these.
That this House is the Lord's and everything in it... All the Home and all who live in it!

A helping hand from friends... to shift and help hang.
The Hug from a Gentleman
A shoulder from a friend
Free Hair cuts from home :)
Discounts at the supermarket for a ready made salad for tea
Chicken Breast fillets fried :)from a friend
The corrugated iron roof... so I can hear the rain
The rain that reminds me its not a drought yet...
The dryer for when the rain comes
The obedience of my middle boy that cheerfully says... Yes Mum :)and hops to it
Seeing my boy is growing up... so I am reminded to treasure this time now
Giggles over the phone
Coffee which lets me stay up a little longer and type this out :)
Remembering someones birthday... and remembering to tell them happy birthday!
Spontaneous cuddles from Sean
Spontaneous kisses from From Zac
Spontaneous thoughtfulness from Robbie
Laughter that goes on and on till your sides hurt
Funny emails from a friend.
D&M emails from a friend who thought before they clicked send...
For the delete button when someone didnt think before they clicked send...
For the clock which tics and tocs and tics and tocs... ;)
For the toilet that runs by itself... loud enough to remind me constantly to get it fixed... oneday... soon... a job for when Im bored... maybe LOL!
For knowing Im having coffee in the morning with a friend that I dont get to see very often :)
For the magnets that hold all the stuff on the fridge so I dont forget!
Whoever invented Microwave Ovens
The engaged signal... so I dont spend hours on the phone ;)
quirky messages on answering machines...
emoticons for when msn-ing
Msn-ing with my Mum
That I know the reason for the season ;)
My house is a santa free zone :)
Ahhh that I can stop writing now... and start again another day :)
and meanwhile get some sleep...zzzzz


  1. Loved coming here and sharing your blessings. Thanks! A lovely post. So much to be grateful for.


  2. Way to go Kaz...it's amazing isnt' it when we start to thank God for our blessings...and we actually start numbering them, remembering them - we suddenly realise how blessed we are! Amazing! And way to go....may the reality of the magnitude of your blessings, wash over you and fill you with joy..and an incredible sense of the Father's care for you!