11 Nov. 2006

Thankfulness... pt 2 ... grateful for these

46. Friends who remind me to stick to my guns!
47. Friends who understand when I cancel an appointment... delayed til next time
48. Friends who put up with my "silliness"
49. Friends who gladly pass on the recipe for the great meal they blessed you with :)
50. Friends who remember that "God hasn't finished with me yet" :D and are still my friends
51. Fresh air
52. telephones
53. friends who bring pie and coke for me for lunch :) yum yum
54. masking tape
54. lavender fields in my front yard ;)
55. Friends who dont mind my straight out honesty.... forgive my straight out honesty ;D
56. Friends who speak honestly with me
57. My dad
58. My mum
59. Shelle, Pal, Johnny, Annie, Adam
60. Mangoes :D yum yum
61. banana chips for when real bananas are $11.99 a kilogram
62. long handled paint rollers
63. water based paint ... dont have to wash up with turps and die of fumes
64. the amazing faithfulness of God... letting me find stain sealer for under $20 :D
65. Showers :)
66. Nestle Club classic CAPPUCCINO flavoured CHOCOLATE!!!
67. Dinner with family and friends... delivered and mmm mmm mmm :) good food and good company!
68. Squawk my budgie :)
69. thunderstorms :) luv em!
70. memories
71. Iced coffee
77. An invitation for coffee with a friend who I dont see very often
78. The music and songs of Third Day
79. My stereo with LOUD speakers
80. Irony of watching someone go "full-circle"
81. The Bible
82. Blogspot wherein I can expell thoughts, events and conversations from my head ;)
83. The valleys
85. God is my GPS :)
86. the church family that God has placed me in
87. Salt and vinegar chips
88. The rumble of a motorbike as it zrooms past my street
89. The magpie with the curly beak that has called our yard home'
90. spring
91. a pillow to lay my head
92. a spontaneous hug from my little man
93. finding a smile on someone's face
94. meeting eyes with someone special
95. my car which goes :)
96. that petrol is only $1.21 per litre
97. For my good mechanic friends
98. the sound of a child's voice
99. silence
100. salvation


  1. I'm thankful that God led me to your blog somehow! I very much enjoy and am blessed by your insights. Thank you!

  2. Way to go Kaz! I love doing 'blessing lists' - they remind me of how many things in my life are blessings and gifts! Some days I get riveted on the negative. Or I get 'lack conscious' instead of 'God conscious'...Reading you list thru..made my own spirit starting singing - "yes..me too!" - Ahhhhh..thanks for sharing!