9 Nov. 2006

Thankfullness... just a start...

Some gifts for which I am grateful..

1. For life which God has blessed me with.
2. For the lessons of life I am still learning
3. For Robbie
4. For Sean
5. For Zac
6. For Love that I know that I have from God
7. For Love that I can share with friends and family
8. For knowing that I am loved
9. For not being alone
10. for knowing where I have been and where I am going
11. That God has placed eternity in my heart
12. Rainbows to remind me of God's faithfulness
13. laughter... from the belly, with friends
14. tears shed... a dams broken
15. Hugs... cant get enough!
16. the gentle smile in a quiet moment
17. the ROFL times
18. the music in my heart and the music in my ears
19. A voice
20. A voice to Shout and to whisper
21. A voice to speak life, love and to speak of God
22. Ears that can hear the voices and noises and laughter and giggles and cries of my three little men
23. Ears to listen to the D and M moments with a someone who just needs an ear
24. My friends who remind me of what I need reminding
25. My friends who just are!
26. My friends who will ring and talk for hours...
27. Jesus who is my friend indeed... whom will listen and watch for hours... and speak and show and lead and love, and be.
28. For God who made me... and knows me well... knew me well before I was!
29. For the Holy Spirit who dwells in me...
30. For not knowing hunger... we are well provided for
31. For not knowing Thirst... we do not go without
32. For having a home to live in
33. For having a all that we have... knowing that in truth, we do not go without.
34. For the stars that twinkle
35. For the sun which warms the back of my neck
36. For the moon that is HUGE on the horizon
37. For the Clouds which show off the wonder of the sun setting
38. For rain
39. That we get rain... that it falls here and the grass is still green
40. For new friends
41. For old friends
42. For Radio Rhema
43. For the internet that has opened up ways to speak with those far away... who are dear
44. For emails to and from family and friends
45. For sleep

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