15 Nov. 2006

Samsons are we...

Just a thought... something I read today made me think of Samson...
then I got to thinking some more...

I have come to the conclusion that we are all like Samson, but our strength is not from our hair, and neither is our strength physical (though it can be manifested so at times). Rather our strength is from Jesus, He is where our spiritual strength comes from... AND if we cut Jesus out of our lives, our spiritual strength becomes impotent, just as when Samson had his hair cut off and lost all his physical strength.
Our spirit drives our whole being - break a mans spirit and you will break the man - it is the well from which we draw from our stamina for life, and if our spirit is dead so are we.
But if our spirit is alive (and this can only really be through faith and love for Jesus) Then we are alive indeed!

Thanks God for all the little tidbits that you stick in my path to make me think of you more!

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