16 Nov. 2006

oops anzac recipe error...

Sorry I didnt do my conversions very well last night :)

125grams of Butter does not equate to 1/2 a pound at all.... Please adjust you set ;)
125 grams equals - 1/4 of a pound!

I cooked a quadruple batch today of 'em.
I did something a little different.

You can blame my american friend who challenged me to make them with wholemeal next time I made them... and so I did...
They didnt taste like dried up lumps of dead grass at all ;) actually they tasted just as good as the original recipe, I doubled the usual quantity of water though, so instead of putting 4 tablespoons in I put 8 tablespoons in for the 4xbatch.

The quadruple batch made

167 anzac biscuits! The most I'd ever made all at once... kept me busy tho :)
Then I attempted to make a lactose free wholemeal version of my favourite muffins....
Havnt tasted them yet to see whether they're ok, as Im all full up on anzacs!
If they're any good I'll post the recipe for that too ... maybe :)


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