19 Nov. 2006

God gave me the Giggles today :D

First God spoke from the pulpit about forgiveness and made my eyes leak just a little and then He blessed me with a house full of friends for the arvo... and (from about 15 mins after sermon ended) with the giggles... including the inappropriate giggles... like when your son comes and tells you that his brother called him a "butt head" and your instant reaction was blurt out a giggle... when you wish you hadnt. But luckily son sees humour in it all and admits very loudly that he called his brother a ... (something very similar but which i cant remember). and there were many outbursts of the like... uncontrollable giggles and cackle outbursts all day.... to the point where it was suggested that I must have consumed the same "food additives" that had previously made my sons quite energetic to say the least :)
But all is well, and I hope I am forgiven for any giggles out of turn and maybe a little inappropriate smart remarks....
so was this what I was anticipating last night for today???

God is wonderful :D

Last night He opened the bible to Ezekiel 37... which was extremely coincidental as it was listed as the days reading in the One year bible reading... but I had decided to for go it at the time and just open up the bible next to my bed instead... and as I began to read the words I recognised the passage... looking at the chapter number and book, I had a laugh and said to God.. "well, I guess you really wanted me to read this one tonight then God" :)
Check it out.... Ezekiel 37

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  1. love the giggles...sometimes you just need 'em!