22 Nov. 2006

Christmas is on it's way...

Well the tree went up last night... a few days late for here. It usually gets put up when we get home from the chrissy parade, but we didnt go this year, the kids watched it on the box.
The boys had fun, it was good seeing all three do the deed. It was a first for Zac.
Not many lights this year... two sets decided to not work anymore... after only one Christmas season's use. Never mind, the electricity bill will be a smidge better because of it :)
After the boys went to bed I decided to have a play with the lights and my didgital camera...
My camera is an old one (my Grandpa bought it when they first came out, much to Grandma's disgust) passed on to me the weekend before Zac was born, but I have lots of fun taking pics with it.
I maxed out the exposure (only went to +2.0) and turned off the flash and the main light.
Then I had a play.
The chrissy tree is one of those "fibre-optic" ones which change colours and the other set of lights are the first set I ever bought (shows they made em better back then).
I got on to photo bucket who were nice enough to make a slide show of em...
tho I must tell you that my photography is extremely amateurish :) but it was all in the name of fun.

Q for you... When do you put your Tree up? Do you have a special family tradition regarding the tree?

Ps... notice my walls are now a light yellow instead of blue??? Lounge all done painting! YAHOO
and I've hung up my overalls and roller and brush for a while :) I need Chill time from the paint fumes - they were getting to me!


  1. kaz - awesome pics! i love the blurred colors - it reminds me of fireworks...how beautiful.
    The Christmas Tree: our family puts it up anytime in the next 2 weeks. I like to wait until after our Thanksgiving holiday here, which is today. So, anytime after today, but before December 24! We like to go to a tree farm and pick it out and cut it down together. I also have a small artificial pre-lit tree that I set up in the living room.
    Wanna come over and paint? I've been meaning to do some painting here at my house. My son TJ would like the whole "Chicago sports" theme - so one wall will be Chicago Bulls, one wall be Chicago Bears, one wall be Chicago White Sox, and one wall be Chicago Blackhawks! Crazy, huh? Good job on the yellow walls... post a better pic of that... I'd love to see it!

  2. Lol thanks for the painting invitation, sorry cant afford the airfares or the babysitters :D
    sorry the pic of the daylight pic of tree and yellow walls didnt make it to the post :D oops