19 Oct. 2006

Now I need a REAL holiday :)

I know, yeah I had a holiday last week. it was good. But, I am really tired still. I have been going and going and going, and I have now grinded to a halt. I need a REAL holiday! but that aint going to happen anytime soon. Never mind.
I feel flat and wrung out, and need to get with God more, and find my pillow earlier too. So I havnt got anything of substance to tell you about the last week... my mind is not on the job. Have been reading all your blogs (those of you who have alerted me to ur blogs, that is.... hey you anonomous readers of here... say gudday sometime :) Id love 2 get 2 know you all!). Tis good to read ur happenings and u guys give me plenty to smile and think about!
So, well, Im signing out now. Luv Ya's
xo Kaz

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kaz...you make sure you TAKE that holiday! If you're tired...thenpay attention to your body! I know one blogger that has big notice on her blog: Blogger on Break - so we all know she's resting and not blogging. Sometimes even blogging can be exhausting. The only place where we truly get refreshed, refilled and renewed is spedning time in His presence and letting Him love on us! So...you go girl....take all the time you need!