11 Oct. 2006

I recommend this....

I have just finished reading this book... I have found it a blessing.
I t has confirmed some of what God has been doing in my life atm.
A group of ladies from my church were also inspired and blessed from reading this book, so much so, that they have organised a women's retreat based on some of this book.
The "retreat" is happening this weekend....
Im quite looking forward to it, as I know most of us are...
It is interesting as how many of us women in our congregation (myself included) initially said "NO WAY!" to going on the camp, as it involved us dressing up for a 3course formal dinner saturday night, following an optional pampering/beauty/makeup session...
OOOO EEEEE said Me, Im not doing that girly c.r.a.p! was my instant reaction, along with a few of my friends.
Well guess what??!! all us "non-girly" type chicks that said no way.... are now going to the camp! God wants us there and we're going, and that's that! (mind u, we're most probably gonna forgo the makeup stuff and heels)
So I will give all a run down on the happenings when I return.... If I survive! ;)
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  1. Im on my way to ebay now to see if I can pick up a copy, ive heard alot about this book and would luv to have a read too!!
    Have a great time this weekend, get utterly spoilt.....