5 Oct. 2006


You found me Lord,
You sifted and sorted and gleaned
Until in the dust and rubble
You found me.

You found me rough and hard and dirty
But you saw a glimmer inside
You could see me through the dross and muck
You held on and did not cast me aside

Afraid, I was, I tried to hide
I was ashamed that you would see
All my chips and cracks and flaws
And the mistake you’d made with me.

But, like something precious
You carried me gently home
Where you washed and made me clean
Showing more care than I had known.

You cut me as a jewel
With cheerful hands and song
And slowly surely gently
My raggedness was gone

You moved with skill and Love
Polishing until when
I saw in your eyes, reflected
A beautiful diamond gem.

This poetry is my original, please ask before reproducing it, Thankyou.


  1. Once again...beautiful Kaz! I love the pictures of the simple rocks, jagged and haphazard...and the contrast with the 'gem' - also with cuts in it, but cuts made by the hand of master, bringing out the value and worth in the rock. Way to go. Blog on!!

  2. hey kaz, just dropped by to see what you been up to...
    So in love with the poem you wrote u clever chook, its so beautiful, well done..can soooooo relate too!!