2 Oct. 2006

Can you see me as Jesus does???

Read(Luke 7:37-50 GNB)

Please dont write someone off just because of their past...

We all have fallen short, have made mistakes, have sinned. It doesnt matter whether you have followed Christ Jesus from early childhood, or from yesterday... you have sinned in some manner. And there is no "small sin" or "big sin" - all sins are counted the same... for all cost the same - death. But for those who follow Jesus the price is only death-to-self, and then by grace we are made alive in Christ, For Christ paid the price for us.
So not one of us is perfect or blameless, but through our faith in Jesus, repentance and grace we are each made perfect in the sight of God, because of Jesus! Jesus our King!
So please, ask Jesus to help you see with His eyes, what He sees and to show one another the grace and love he has shown you.

I am Forgiven!

I am no longer “fallen”
I am no longer “used goods”
I am no longer “dirty and adulterous”
I am no longer “baggage laden”

Cant you see me???
I am risen with Christ
I am made new again
I am made clean and pure
I am laden with blessings

This is me because of Christ
His Grace is made abundant in me
He has washed me clean
that I may shine like a diamond for HIM!

So do not judge me any more, for I am HIS.
I belong to Jesus and he has made me clean.
Do not look at me and say
“Look at what she’s done! Look at all the baggage.
she's no good, she’s all used up, and comes with little feet…”

Look instead at me, just as Jesus does.
For I am a new creation and am a diamond in His eyes.
And see all that comes with me is not baggage… it is abundant blessings of Grace and Faith…and the little feet that follow are priceless gifts from God!


  1. Kaz...did you write that? It's awesome. And so true....Jesus never looked at anyone except to see them the way the Father saw them - and He sees us all healed up, free and full of love! Great poem! Love to hear your testimony sometime! Have you ever shared it?? Your poem reminds me of MY testimony. Some day I'll blog it . Again...beautiful poetry - keep it up!

  2. yeah, Cool mama, I wrote it. Something that God has been working in my heart for a while... I need to see me as Jesus does too :)
    But Im learning too that I need to look at everyone the same way...
    Also, as it is for all of us, as Im finally starting to see my self as Jesus sees me, I want others to see me like he does too.
    Thanks for your blessings

  3. What a journey we are all on eh?? The joy in the journey, is the first step of doing what you've shared - seeing yourself the way God see's you...and then the next step is seeing others. How liberating, when I look at others thru His eyes. Helps me when they drive me crazy! BUT THEN...to walk out life, allowing others to see me as He does - living life, doing life in that mode - the way God sees me - well...that my friend, is true freedom! Freedom to be, who I was created to be! it's awesome!