3 Sep. 2006

A weekend off from the whirlwind pace...

Wow! Im ALIVE! Im refreshed! Im overflowing with God's Blessings!

As my lazy Sunday arvo draws closer to 4 o'clock, I am looking back over the weekend and am praising God for his loving care and for the wonderful family he has placed me in...

Today btw is Father's day...
The boys are where they should be today... with their dad.
My dad is where he loves it most @ the beach.

My lil whirlwinds ;) went 2 their dads fri night after school and return @ 4 today...

So it has been a well needed weekend of time out for me.
I was invited out for tea Friday night a a couple's place, was good food and good company. Nice "getting to know each other more" conversation. Went home driving in the MUCH NEEDED RAIN! Called into Woollies on the way ... wow late night shopping! LOL and I grabbed some bits for saturday night...
Guess what I did saturday..? I slept in! WOW! I made a concerted effort to stay in bed as long as possible without verging on the rediculous... I got out of bed at 10:45am!!! It was like all my christmases had come at once! Then... I stayed in my PJ's until 6:05pm - cool. I pottered around all day, stereo on 50! Blarring (dunno what the neighbours thought) Christian Hallelujahs Dance and Praise, twas Great!
I did something completely amazing... I cleaned! Nah seriously it was great, it was not a chore, it was almost refreshing... Do I sound completely nuts???
Now my house is never a pigsty, but it gets kid-worn kid-dirty and scattered a bit. I do clean - dont get me wrong- but it usually gets done in spits and spurts. Because I have a personal unwritten law-thing... that whatever housework doesnt get done during the day before kids go to bed - doesnt get done... because when they sleep it is MY time! I have had to do it to keep my sanity.
I have learnt that I have to nurture myself a little, because if I dont then I suffer, and then my kids suffer by having a stressed out mum.
Mind u sometimes "my-time" gets a bit late into the night and I become the tired mum... which is just as bad as the stressed-out mum!
RB really hit the spot this week with very wise words.
I had said him - "sorry RB, mum gets a bit tired sometimes..."
His reply was straight back with - "Well Mum, maybe you should go to bed at 9 instead of 11-something"
Well!! was I told, he said it very sensibly and all, but oh did he hit the nail on the head... so I have since been trying to go to bed earlier, um except for last night :D...
so back to my weekend commentry....

Yes well the main reason that I was cleaning was that I'd invited some friends around to play some games and do the social thingy... so I had alterior (is that the right word for it?)motive for the cleaning. But it was a great feeling of acheivement anyway. Maybe I should have visitors more often so I springclean more often ;)
I cooked too... scones, chocolate date muffins, chocolate cakes, dips.... mmmm yummy food :)
Then my friends started to arrive... with guess what.... MORE FOOD :D
We got to playing Trivial Pursuit, and had lots of laughs, lots of BS flying and lots of eating and lots of coffee and lots of general knowledge being flung left right and centre! All good. I thoroughly enjoyed the night! Three of us ended up yakking into the wee small hours....
I turned out my light @ 3:10am... so yes matchsticks please to hold up my eyelids!
Got up @ 9 went to church this morning, Fathers day service. Was asked to help in creche, then was gratefully replaced to I could listen to the service...
Got invited to a lovely couples place for lunch today, which is always lovely. They're very special, and I know she'll be reading this, but it is completely true!!!! They make me feel like part of their family :)
Then I came home and here I am... yakking to a friend on msn, writing this post and talking on the phone to a friend... That's what u call multitasking!!!!!!
I really feel blessed by this weekend - by the time-out, the sleepin, and the wonderful company that I have shared it with! Praise God!

Have a happy week all :D


  1. Hey Kaz...wow! Sounds like you made the most of the rest that God gave you this weekend - good for you! I had to laugh when I heard what your little one said to you, when you said you'd been tired - the 'maybe you should go to bed at 9' comment - that little one sounds like he's been talking to my husband!! ( See A. is a go to bed early guy..and I"m a stay up late-enjoy-the-quiet kinda gal!) he's said the exact same thing to me!! Hmmm..Anwyays..I was so blessed at how much fellowship that God sent you...but also at the way you immersed yourself in 'couples' - way to go!! It was a treat to read some of your 'life' - thanks for letting me in!

  2. Oooops, sorry!!! I'm paying for the late night now, but hey, can't pass up good conversation now, can we?? Tired, but as always, grateful for His blessings, as your friendship is!