28 Sep. 2006

RB's dream

RB: Mum I have something really important to tell you
Me: Yes Rb, what is it?
RB: I know what I want to be when I grow up.
Me: Ok what do you want to be?
RB: I want to be a Teacher, but not like at chapel (school chapel)
Me: Ok that sounds good, so you want to be a teacher. What sort of teacher do you want to be then?
RB: I want to teach christian.
Me: like at your school, be a christian teacher? You can do that.
RB: umm I want to teach like at church.
Me: Ok, you mean preach like pastor Garth?
RB: Yes Mum, like him. I want to preach.
Me: Alright, I think you could do that.
RB: Mum, how does Pastor Garth know all about God?
Me: Well, he Prays a lot, talks To God, and listens to God, and reads the Bible, and studies it alot. If God wants you to be a pastor, He will help you to be that. You'll have to ask him to help you.
RB: Ok Mum.


  1. Make sure you save this one Kaz! Put it in his 'baby book' or keepsake book! And begin to pray - pray over what God is saying to that little spirit of his. Pray for it to never be stolen from him! What a precious thing! My youngest was much like that - in her kindergarten and grade one years, she drew pictures of her being a 'pastor' like her dad - and this was in public school. Now she's struggling a bit...but I just keep reminding God that HE put a call on her life and in her spirit - and I bless that 'call' in increase and bear fruit! So..blessings on your little guy! How precious eh?

  2. great post! We need people who can teach christian!!!

  3. wow.. good one. train him the way he should so that he will not depart from it. amazing to hear that at a young age.