19 Sep. 2006

A poem for my biggest lil Aussie!

RB is a special boy

His real name is Robert Bruce

He is the biggest of three boys

And I think he’s rather cute.

He knows when to give a hug

And ‘most always has a smile

He’ll run rings around you laughing

And then sit with you a while.

RB has many talents,

And enthusiasm too.

He will talk ‘till your ears drop off

And loves to learn something new.

You’ll often find him reading

With his head stuck in a book

He even reads his brothers

The Bible and lets them look.

He is a thoughtful little lad

And very compassionate

He tries to be all grownup

And a drink for you, he’ll get.

He’s his mum’s biggest helper

As he often lends a hand

Drying dishes, sweeping floors

He loves a special errand.

RB’s a real encouragement

If you’re feeling a bit down

He gives a great compliment

And he’s happy to act the clown.

He cares and loves and laughs and smiles

Can be serious and sweet

He’s a special child of God

And to know him is a treat!

A poem for RB,

by his mum.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kaz....what GOREGOUS little guys you have! What a blessing eh?? They both have that twinkle in their eyes, that I bet keeps you running at times! Gotta love God's energy all rolled up in two angelic, energetic and cuddly little ones! Bless you - enjoy these days! Take it from one, whose 'baby' is 27 now - it really does go by fast!