18 Sep. 2006

my creations... shamrock handtowel

I "whipped" this one up yesterday arvo and this arvo...

A friend has requested ideas for low cost and easy ideas for gifts, for the "live well" program, for a display near christmas time.

I came up with this one to start with.

Ive called it the shamrock handtowel for obvious reasons :) anyway I designed it myself and the next prob is now I have to give the instructions for how to make it so others can do it...

Never had to write a pattern b4 ... lol but this is simple so hopefully I can put it in layman's terms.

I like it - simple... um... er... and yes, kitch!!! and yeah i know - very um grannyish.

but it is handy :)

I usually make the traditional towell-tops and add a button, but thought Id do one different for a change.

If ur desperate for the pattern... I dont know why ;)

hassel me out and I just might post it ....

Ive already started another one - gotta keep those hands working :)

so Id better sign off and go crochet some more.....

ps the brown dot is from the chockie chip date muffin I ate when I finished it... Yummy!

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  1. mmmmm! just poppin in to say hi, luv your creation, must get on to mine! ugh, i havent really touched any craft since before 2 school holidays ago!
    enjoy catching up with u on your blogs and what u and the guys have been up to!
    chris xx