26 Sep. 2006

Garage all painted at last....

Hooley Dooley!!!
I have finally finished painting the garage... I began sorting it out back in July when I decided to make it into the Kids Rumpus/playroom... so I could start painting the rest of the house bottom up! All the bedrooms have been painted previously :) lovely and bright! All I have to do is paint the lounge, dining/kitchen, hallway, entrance and "office/sewing room" (previously the playroom). But oh what colours???? I have decided to tone down on the "luminous" colours and go for a light lemon look. No more captivating purple, pansy blue, festive yellow or lavender blue... now time to do the "citrus mix".
The garage is now a very Festive yellow, bright white ceiling, pale blue/aqua painted concrete floor. It looks very bright and fresh compared to the dirty dark looking hole it was previously. It's now filled with all the kids stuff. And a friendly carpetlayer I know donated some second hand wool carpet to cover most of the floor - so it is not all on the cold concrete. It is quite cosy actually.
Just a few more things to do, my dad is building me a doorfame and door to fill the entrance to the labrynth, and keep the kids out of all my tools, paints, garden stuff etc. It will also stop the earthy smell that comes from all the dirt floor of the labrynth. I also currently have three old bath towells being used as draft stoppers around the garage door which isnt completely sealed - unfortunately... the solution is yet to come to that problem.
anyway... tis getting late... nearly time 4 my bed :)

Here's a pile of pics... so u can see what I'm on about :D


The New Garage


The hole in the wall....


What's in the hole in the wall....
My very own personal labrynth!



The next project!


  1. Hey Kaz....WOW!! I'm so impressed! You are one of those 'handy women' that I greatly admire! How you could take the original room and turn it into what you have - well that's a gift my dear! Kinda reminds of the kind of job God does with us eh?? Here we are, living unfinished, cluttered and uninspiring ..and He cleans us out, spruces us up...bring color into our lives and helps us to stop the 'leaks/drafts'..and in the end we become what He knew we had the potential to be! Way to go girl! You're modeling something, and you didn't even know it!

  2. Thanks Cool Mama :) I hadnt thought of it that way at all!
    very true... He definately renovates us - and arent I glad of that!!!