7 Sep. 2006

all tooth fairies please apply... no experience necessary!

WOW my boy has lost his first tooth!
He pulled it out this morning... my big brave boy! (My stomach couldnt the thought of me doing it for him... even when it was barely "hanging" there!)
Rb told his dad and dad said for him to stick it in a glass of water beside his bed for the tooth fairy to come... and pay him money for his tooth.
Great... scrounging for a dollar...
I said to Rb (jokingly) "R u sure u dont want 2 frame it and write Rb's first tooth? I could pay u the going rate for teeth."
He thought about it and said no he wanted to do the glass of water thing...
Later at tea he piped up... "hey after the tooth fairy has taken it, can we still frame it?"
I said "No, you couldnt do that because the fairy would have the tooth."
Rb-"No you would have it."
me-"what do you mean I would have it?"
Rb-"because you're the toothfairy, and there's no such thing as tooth fairies!"
Well.... GRINNING... I said "So why dont I just give you the dollar then?"
Rb-"no I want to do the glass of water thing because Dad said to."
LOL so now he is asleep, glass of water and tooth beside the bed (I made sure that I got a glass that had a matching partner... so I wouldnt have to go fishing for tooth in the dark, I would just have to di a swift swap) and sometime shortly I will have to do the "lets pretend I'm a tooth fairy, even though the secret of their non existence is out" thing.
Hmmm the things we do :D
Gotta luv out kids!

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