8 Aug. 2006

no more blues but I need to snooze!

woo hoo current temp is above 13 degrees!!
hormones are hybernating until next time ;0)
Thankyou for your suggestions of how to fend off the winter blues!
My lovely neighbour GW knitted me a lovely pink pair of bed socks, perfect for the wintery occasions. She loves to knit booties and bed socks, she'd made a pair for ZW and for SL earlier in the season. She also showed me a full box of beautifully presented booties, with dainty embroidered flowers on them for her grandaughters baby, who is now 3mths old. There would've been about 20 different pairs in the box! Top notch effort :)

I had a great weekend at Pop's with the kids, we had a day of circlework in the paddock and a night of a big bonfire.... I will post more on that when I have gained a bit more shut-eye... I am still suffering from the lack of sleep over the w/end - due mainly to the lack of sleep that certain children had - due mainly to the fact that they refused to sleep at any specified times! Anyway I'm off to catch more zzzz's until we meet again on the bloggarooo

Here's a pic for those in suspence! LOL

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