26 Aug. 2006

Im a survivor!!!!

Argh! what a week!!! 3 sick kids and a not so top me.... it kinda started last week, or was it the week before??? All I know is that ZW started it then SL, then RB...
Got call early last Sunday morning from BP (kids dad) saying can u pick up SL, "he's been crying for last half hour and wants to go home". Hmm I had to get up and share v.breifly @ church, so I gave BP instructions to give SL the medicine that he shouldve already had... and I'd pick him up shortly. All the boys had been@ their Dad's since Friday night ( a new arrangement) and I was bracing myself for a howling ZW when picked up SL and not him. I gritted my teeth and held back a tear, and SL and I went off to church. He perked up immediately - the best medicine sometimes is just - Mum! Was a lovely service, my House Church Leader preached, and it was inspirational. All based on the theme: "God's Word" and the scripture reading from 2Peter 1:12-21.
Anyway the rest of the day went well, SL seemed pretty good, so we had lunch @ the Valley Lakes (in one of the craters of our lovely volcano), mucked around with a few from church with a soccer ball and our half flat rugby ball. SL made some little friends, and b4 we knew it, it was time to head home and wait for the other 2 of my lads to get dropped off. They came home and all seemed ok, we had tea (I cant remember what) and then I noticed that RB didnt seem real flash, SL was starting to wind down his battery again and ZW looked wacked! Off to bed they went. Sun rose next day - yeah I know, it does that! and I decided to keep RB home from school, he had a rough cough, and icky nose just like (amazingly enough!) his younger brothers.... so began the week of mostly houseboundness and grumpy sooky lads and empty tissue-boxes. This has seemed to have hit RB bad, he's usually the one that gets the least sick of the 3. He stayed home mon tru to thurs and was plenty well enough to go back on Friday. SL perked up and did his two kindy days Wed and thurs. ZW seemed to just go with the flow - in a terrible-two's kinda way! Boy is he singleminded already!! His way is the only way! NOT!!! have I got news for him! :) Anyway Guess who didnt Get sleep last night??? RB and of course Me!! He's gone down hill again and howled half the night - very RB over-the-top-style! When he gets the woeful sads, he gets them REALLY good!!! NOT!!! To the point where I have to get cranky at him to snap him out of it! Sounds tough, but very necessary - trust me! I hope he grows out of it b4 hes older otherwise he's gonna be a champion woeful Man! - we know what grown men r like when they get crook - they're not crook - they're dying! LOL
Anyway i put them all into bed early 2nite, Im hoping all will be well 2morrow, as Im rostered on the Creche @ Church and cant stay home! Hmmm what to do... Sleep I hope to start with tonight! Hopefully the house will be soundly quiet tonight :)

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