10 Aug. 2006

Crusty circlework and bonfire blast :)

well its been nearly a week since we headed off to Pop's for a weekend of fun... so heres the blog I promised :)

The kids and I drove up to Pop's after tea and arrived past their bedtime... but there was kid fun to be had and beds to be made (or sleeping bags to be laid out). Pop dug out his binoculars and showed the kids how to check out the moon with them. The toys got dragged out and their delay tactics (bed avoidance) were in high gear! Eventually they got sent to bed after MUCH protest from ZW! And eventually went to sleep, I stayed up to watch "Veronica Mars" and went to bed too.
The next morning Pop went off to work, and it was Mon and her friend M and us to fill in the morning until the 4wd club and others began to arrive at 1. ZW was cranky as! due to his lack of sleep the night before (which by the way caused me not to have much either!), so I stuck him back in bed, which caused much more protests, but eventually paid off after about an hour... or so it seemed. He slept for about 2 1/2 hrs so he definately needed it!
The kids had their pushbikes there so proceeded to get them muddy! and had lots of fun in the process. Mon did some setting up over the bonfire site while I stayed close to the house and pottered around while ZW slept. M spent all morning in the bathroom beautifying herself! I have never met anyone like it!!!! I could think of heaps more interesting things to do! :) hence the lack of makeup and fancy hairdos! - actually the lack of hair kills all chance of fancy hairdoos ;)

Pop got back from work and a few from the 4wd club arrived. A couple of oddesy's arrived on the back of a truck and were offloaded. Big witches hats (roadwork cones) were set out and the oddesies were soon zipping around, as well as a few 4wds. The mud began to fly!
My brother JE from melbourne rocked up in his Zuke as did friends from here in their Zuke.
Soon there were 2 Zukes, 2 oddesies and a couple of nissans cruising around the paddock and throwing around copious amounts of Mud!
Then I got all inspired and climbed aboard my VK and proceeded to do some mud flinging myself... and sliding and circlework and slalam and well lots of fun... all this done in mind that I still needed to drive it home again the next day ;) Pop climbed in and had a go, then Mon had a go too, tho she did it much more tamely. Then my Vk was quietly parked and left to be showered by mud from a departing vehicle later that night!
JE and Pop decided to fling mud simultaneously very close to each other, causing all a mild heartattack, due to the actually extreme closeness that they achieved!
JE had another go on the odyssy to be quite suprised to see one of his wheels pass him on a turn at great speed, and then find himself stopped suddenly!
The studs on the rear left wheel broke clean off and that was the end of that for the day. Pop managed to drive it on three wheels back to the truck. The owner of the odyssy was extremely good hearted about it all.
The afternoon wore on to dusk and the Big bonfire which had been building for quite some time was finally lit... giving us light into the night.
A camp oven full of spuds was put onto the "cooking" fire and the BBQ was lit a little while later. THe Boys were having a Great time with their torches and glow sticks.
The chatter was constant as a thick fog rolled in, giving the setting an eerie appearance. JK and JE decided to do circlework in the dark, which I found quite nerve rackking to watch everytime the sets of healights got too close to each other... Then my arm was twisted to climb into the passenger seat of Pop's ute while he did the night driving.... Im sure it wouldve been much more fun if I was in control of the vehicle, but I was not sitting too comfortable :D and was grateful when Pop stopped and I got my feet on solid ground! It was a "scarey" fun.
All survived the experience and not a dent was to be seen.
The night wore on longer still and I convinced the boys one by one to climb into their sleeping bags in the back of Mon's car and attempt to go to sleep. Eventually they did... ZW was first in and last to sleep! of course!
JG left in his big hot 4wd and sprayed all cars with about a tonne of mud (on purpose of course!) while doing donuts very close to all the vehicles b4 heading to his home. Mon's car was no longer a "new" clean! A couple of others left soon after.
The rest of us drove all our cars back to the house and found our beds, carrying the kids in to sleep as well in the warmth.
The next morning was spent cleaning up. Another sausage sizzle for lunch and time to head home... very wearily!
And That was Our eventful and fun weekend - in condensed form :)

Im having trouble posting pics tonight, so will post them over the next couple of days...

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