1 Aug. 2006


F f f ffff FREEZING
My toes might need amputating by morning!
Frostbite may be immanent!

Current temperature is 7.6 degrees celsius, with a "feels like" rating of 5.9 degrees C.
Personally I think if they measured the temperature at my toes it would easily crack the big minus zero!

Someone spoke briefly about the winter blues on Sunday, and Im kinda wondering whether I have a quadruple dose of them! I feel like I'm a great big bag of bad attitudes and crankiness atm! Is it the winterness, my hormones or my spasticated thyroid that is causing my revoltingness??? Anyone got a suggestion for a cure???? Does anyone want to "dare" a suggestion ;) Lol... tomorrow is another day!


  1. oh man i wish it was cooler here. it's so super duper hot and muggey here!
    hmmm some ideas for beating the winter blues... maybe make yourself a pair of felted slippers in bright fun colors. or maybe take up quilting. or start an afghan.... lol just trying to think what would help keep you warm as you work!
    hope things look up!

  2. Bless your heart. I hope it warms for you soon. I would gladly share some of our *excessive* warmth from the mid-US. We're expecting a high temp of 105 F today.

    Have a wonderful week!


  3. It's been freezing in Melbourne too. Waking up to frosts, brrr white lawns, ice on cars, worse still, ice on some roads.

    Bless you - found you on the Christian Women's blogring.