23 Jul. 2006

Sunday... Happy Sunday :)

Well howdy Doo!
Did I have fun last night, playing around with the html on this blog... Yeah I know doesnt look very exciting I know, but wow - I actually customised my Blog with HTML! I still have not much idea whatsoever as to what all the gibberish means, but it got my thinking juices happening and my frustration levels were escalated... ;)
I am certain that you need a degree for that stuff now... Like my Lil'Bro Pal... to think it can take 4 years to learn to decipher and create/write all the gibberish that makes this fantastic peice of technology get happenin... you know - the Net! and this wonderful bloggie thing :)

Hmmm well i also found some cool sites... like this one... http://www.christianwomenonline.net/index2.htm
and there are quite a few blogs floating around where people are blogging their way through the book I am reading atm - Captivating (you can find it here: http://orders.koorong.com.au/search/details.jhtml?code=0785276211)
There are allsorts of reactions to this book, positive and negative, because of course it cant speak to everywomans heart like it is mine, as there is not one "Daughter of Eve" the same! And Praise God he Made us all different!!!
All I can say is that it is a book worth reading... so buy or borrow a copy and sit down and begin reading... I hope it speaks to your heart like it is mine....

Today has been a good day, I went church this morning, the pastor spoke breifly about what's happening in Lebanon before he gave the sermon. He spoke about Israel and it's place in the endtimes, etc. It was extremely interesting.
Read Zachariah chapters 12 thru 14 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Zech%2012-14

Mmmmmm Hot potato Hot potato... :) I had a delicious lunch with some friends, just like what you get down at the spud train... it tasted just as good!
It was a jacket potato done in the micro, then topped with fried onion, bacon, cheese, parsley and sour cream! Yum, I havnt thought about cooking it at home, the kids and I will have to cook it up for tea sometime... I could even pour baked beans over the top with cheese! YuMmY.

now... thought it was about time i posted a pic of me... urk! so here it is...

I dont think it looks anything like me - as in - you cant see the "I need sleep" rings under my eyes, my hair isnt sticking out at odd angles and and Im not yelling ARGH!!!


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