16 Jul. 2006


Does it ever End??????

But Praise God that we r getting it, where others never get a drop!

Ahhh had a lovely day out with a friend who took my boys and I for a drive in her new car... It was red, but I didnt ask how fast it goes....
We went bushwalking along the upper cliffs of a big ole river... in the rain of course, it was great, we saw no wild life, except for a bird flying across the water below us. But we did see much evidence of wildlife... like plenty of Dung!!! Emu Dungs are Huge and very obviously the result of a high fibre diet. Wambat dung are more the size of walnuts, but in a rounded cube-ish kinda shape. Rabbit poo is well the same size as sheep poo, pretty much a world wide occurrence tho - rabbits and sheep.

After walking wround all that poo (which of course was soggy due to the large precipitation it was exposed to) we had worked up an appetite, and sought out the usual fish and chip fare 20k down the road by the sea. Having supped then, while watching seagulls struggle against the wind comming off the sea, we went home in the rain.

At home I achieved a major feat of cleaning my garage, it took me 1 1/2 hours but it looks wonderful!!!! Best I've seen it since the day we moved in, before I made it cluttered....
Ahhh now it must be time to sit... rest... sleep
Goodnight ;)

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