18 Jul. 2006

Rain Free Day At Last!!

Twas the morning of Tuesday,
And there, not even a fog,
The Children stirr'd early
an then all was awake...
The bellies a' rumblin'
A champin for food
til breaky was 'ad
and it all was good.
The children were anxious
and ready to go
they needed some air
so with helmets on heads
and bikes to boot
off to the school
to do laps in the square
round they all went
SL did it so well,
Peddling the best
his legs ever did
ZW wanted to slide
but it was a puddle
so disappointment
was shown
RB saw his teacher
from when he went there
Then one last lap
of the square was done
we said goodbye
and headed home.
That is all of this day
that I wish to tell
Might c u 2morrow
might cu next week
truth b known
I just need a good
nights sleep!!

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