15 Jul. 2006

It's raining again...

Good morning this dull and soggy winters morn.... been raining all night and I dont think the lawn'll get mowed today!
Saturday, smack bang in the middle of the school holidays... and I had all these plans, nevermind. There should be a rule about no rain allowed during school holidays, so that cabin fever doesnt set in and mum's and kids arent permanently scarred by the experience!
We havnt had a lot of rain of late, now I know why... the sky was saving it up for the whole two weeks of the hols!
We've had lots of cold mornings tho, as u do in winter, and some seriously thick fogs. We had a fog the other week and I took my young lads up to potter's point (doesnt every town have one!) to look at it over the city, well you couldnt even see the city, couldnt see past the tree on the edge of the road. It was like a huge thick blanket! Awesome.
Anyway I went back home and grabbed the camera to take some pics. By the time I got back it had lifted a bit, but the Valley Lake area was like a bowl of fog. The fog was drifting in and out of it from the town. Anyway it was the best experience of veiws Ive had there since Ive been here. Unfortunately tho the batteries ran out on my camera after I'd only got a couple of shots in... Here's my favourite one of them...

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