30 Jul. 2006

Hooley Dooley!

Well, I've been flat out like a lizard drinking!
I got the backyard bug this week and have spent the last 4 days out back "renovating".
First there was the "lets put those sheets of iron on top of the shade house" bug which was done with some trembling at being so high above the ground and the fear of the timber collapsing underneath me or me plummeting through the shade cloth. I managed not to hit my thumb with the hammer for a change, which means I'll have my fingernails intact for a while yet... yippee! Getting down the ladder was a problem, trying to tell a 6yo how to hold the ladder so it wouldn't wobble and topple, that was hard enough, but the next day trying to get a 4yo to do the same was impossible, and that's nothing compared to trying to discourage a 2yo from climbing up the ladder while you're 8 foot off the ground, without getting a high-pitched sound to your voice!
The corrugated iron was up at last, well, as much as I was going to attempt without Pops further input - he's a chippy and will probably freak at what I've done now... ;) oops!
Next I got the "lets pull out the dog-ugly ground cover from the shade house" bug,
then "lets prune the camellia back" bug and "it's about time I dug up the persistent and poisonous Elephant-ears plant, before ZW tries to ingest some like SL did" bug!
Hmm, now it was time to make the covered area I had made habitable for my lawnmower and fire wood. I had a few sheets of iron left and contemplated putting them on the ground to put the firewood on, but decided that was too rough and ready. I eventually came up with the idea of laying a heap of decorative "diamond" besser blocks down - like pavers, and filling the gaps with either cement or gravel.
I braved the labyrinth with riggers and heavy boots and hat... if I had access to a hard hat I would have worn it! And lit it up with a portable flouro light - you don't think I would've gone into that deep dark SPIDER and mouse and who-knows-what-other-scary-creepy-crawly infested cave with just a feeble torch do you?!!
Yes, well the reason I braved the labyrinth was to get all the besser blocks out, where they had been stashed since before I bought the place. I got them all out and thanked God for making sure I wasn't freaked by any scary spiders jumping out at me, or trying to crawl on me!
I found I had 50 of them under there, the number that worked out perfectly for what I had in mind, and with the other materials I had. I laid them all out, careful to leave a space between them and the neighbours fence for proper drainage. Along the otherside of the "pavers" I had some normal besser blocks placed as an edging which I have planted some garlic chives, and some seeds for normal chives.
I spread the crusher dust (fine gravel) over the pavers and in the gap between the fence, and filled all the holes up. I then boxed up the end with some concrete, to stop the papers from shifting and to created a barrier between them and the dirt. I mixed up some left over rapid set concrete for the job, and topped up with a bit from a new bag. WOW I had done my first bit of concreting... not the best in the world but it will do for now :)
I then backfilled (today) the dirt and laid back down on all the bare dirt I had dug up around the pavers, pieces of Babies-tears ground cover (not the dog-ugly stuff) that I had put aside from when I prepared the paved area. It laid back out just like lawn turf! It looks cool now! I haven't swept the excess gravel off the pavers yet, as it is currently "pissing" down with rain, and I'm also waiting for it to "settle" a bit. I will take a piccie later when I've finished it properly.
And I tell you what I praise God that it he provided it all... the materials I needed to do it all, without a huge expense! The whole job has cost me only $6.95 for a bag of rapid set! Cool, eh!

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