17 Jul. 2006

Creak! Groan!... there goes my Bones!!!

Ahh man, well you know how I decided to clean out the garage yesterday... Well, today I decided to paint it! uhuh I know Im compulsive... but not all the time, Really! Truly!
There is under my house what i call the Labrynth, A bit like a rabbit warren, in which is a lovely little area full of STUFF... mostly useful of course. Anyway when we moved in there were many part used cans of paint... and well, im using them up on the walls of my garage!
It sounds scary I know, but isnt really, they are all almost white shades of pink, blue, green, cream.... and the walls as they are prior to paint pretty disgusting... Over the years there has been much chopping of wood in there and the stone walls are all chipped from flying bits of wood, theyre stained with dirt, mud and who knows what else... so Any paint job no matter what combination of colours has got to be better than b4!!!
So now, I have only painted 1/2 the length of one wall and I am exhausted!!!! Because of the chips etc, ive had to do it with a brush, painstakingly, as a roller would miss all the holes!
The kids Love it as they know they'll be able to play down there more often, now that it is becoming more habitable! And i'll love it as I can send them there to play when they get too noisy on a rainy day, and I'll be able to hear myself think for a minute or two ;)
So I know I will definately sleep well tonight.
night Night!

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