5 Dec. 2006


Proverbs 13:12
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

This keeps popping up in my thoughts these last few days... and then I get an email today, which for no apparent reason happens to quote this exact verse!
What now?!!

tis the season of busy-ness!!!

Sorry, must apologise in advance and behind ;) for the previous and following lack of posts.... am unfortunately caught up in the busy-ness of the season... and when I stop ... I wanna just plain stop! Sleep is good, so is coffee :)
C U when it is all over :D

25 Nov. 2006

Check this out!


This is on my wanna see list :)

hip hip

Hooray I found it! it was on the top of the chest of drawers inside Zac's wardrobe! Now to boil kettle for Fresh Hot Cup! hmmm yummy yummy yum



have been searching for last 15 minutes for coffee cup, have no Idea where it is , as I have been completely rearranging Boys bedrooms, and ARGH! I need Coffee! I hope it isnt sitting under a pile of sheets or washing or something else... please no! I dont neeed to cleen coffee from carpet!

how Ironic, was only reading a ladies blog earlier and having a laugh.... serves me right I spose!

Well Im off again... coffee cup hunting!

24 Nov. 2006

The lemon, the orange and the tree...

It is finished, the lounge is painted... completed 1 week and 5 days ago. It was once blue and now it is yellowy-lemon
Citrus mix it is called.
I have put back the original orangy-brown curtains, and they dont look half as bad as they did when the walls were blue. My boys are doing the decorating, and you can see they like to pose :)

When all else fails get the woman to read the instructions! :)

Hmmm Note the internal workings of a toilet cistern:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am now officially well and truly aquainted with them!
I carefully and methodically pulled it apart, after assessing the offending parts which were causing multiple leaks. Informing males of my assessment upon their arrival, I told them I needed their opinion...
I proceeded to attempt (while male persons stood nearby talking bloke stuff) the removal of tap fitting to replace washer which was source of first leak problem. Finding my muscle power and tool equipment, ineffective, I asked for help. First male person (hired handyman) went to car to retreive tools, second male person (ex-husband) took tools and replaced washer. I turned water mains back on and then...
After getting two males to look at it, glance briefly at ressurected instructions found in the labrynth, get their hands mildy dirty, and fiddle a bit at it and tell me what to do... Go to hardware store, Act dumb and ask for fixit parts. They left, first male person receive $5 for his trouble, second male person received children for the weekend.
So... I did as informed, went to hardware store and told 'em I wanted "one of these" and "something to fix that". Paid $28.65 and left store.
After minor detour at friends house for refreshment and chat, I returned home to complete my initiation into all things toilet!
Took box out of bag containing second offending item's replacement- a float mechanism... cost $26.70, took third offending item's replacement - seal from bottom of button pressing mechanism that lets the water Go... cost $1.95, from the bag and immediately fitted seal to button pressy thingy base.
Next took float mechanism from box and fitted it according to instructions, and fitted button pressy thingy as well. Hey presto! with lid on tap turned on, and all fixed.
I then sat on loo and read intructions for maintenance of float thingy....
fiddle fiddle with the old float thingy and lookie there... off comes the top as it says and inside tiny bits of copper pipe grit caught where the top rubber seal was...
Hmmmm!!!!! indeed float is now AOK with grit removed...
Now I have a brand new float mechanism and a perfectly good used spare float mechanism for when the brand new one stops working.... which will be probably be when Im 90 and have moved to a retirement village!
So when funds are tightish, I go and spend $26.70 more than I have to, just because to grown men cant read instructions!
Note the instructions:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
By the way, I had always had a huge aversion to opening the top of a cistern... I really dont know why, it is not where all the yuck stuff goes, the water is clean, fresh from the mains supply, it only gets a bit of mildew or algae type stuff in it on the sides from constant contact with water.

Does anyone else find the opening of the lid as having a high cringe factor?
Are you scared that something GROSS is lurking there?

23 Nov. 2006

Thankfulness... pt 5

Blessings beyond belief, beyond imagination, beyond expectations, beyond what I can ever "earn", beyond what I deserve... beyond what I could even ask for!

God's amazing provision of my little "wishes", without me asking. He knew.

God's patience with me!

That God has placed me where I am right now, because it is where I can be refined, where I can learn the many lessons I need to learn, because it is where I will grow, and because He loves me and wants me to become more like Him... For His Glory

I thank God for the Fire he is placing within our hearts... which He is fanning with the mighty wind of His Holy Spirit! into a Flame that will not be extinguished! That he has placed the desire in my heart to pray for FIRE! Fire in our hearts, fire under our behinds! ... to glow brighter and stronger and longer and farther than the any tower could on our mountain... that all may see and know and believe!

I am thankful for this: Ephesians 3:17-19 Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. (NLT)
Alarm clocks and calendars... and organisers on mobile phones and fridge magnets... all so I can be where I am supposed to be when I am supposed to be ... providing I remember to look at them, or remember to note when where what , etc :D
My weekends Off.... time-out :)
Friends to share my weekend off with :)
Hot showers and cosy Jarmies :D

22 Nov. 2006

Christmas is on it's way...

Well the tree went up last night... a few days late for here. It usually gets put up when we get home from the chrissy parade, but we didnt go this year, the kids watched it on the box.
The boys had fun, it was good seeing all three do the deed. It was a first for Zac.
Not many lights this year... two sets decided to not work anymore... after only one Christmas season's use. Never mind, the electricity bill will be a smidge better because of it :)
After the boys went to bed I decided to have a play with the lights and my didgital camera...
My camera is an old one (my Grandpa bought it when they first came out, much to Grandma's disgust) passed on to me the weekend before Zac was born, but I have lots of fun taking pics with it.
I maxed out the exposure (only went to +2.0) and turned off the flash and the main light.
Then I had a play.
The chrissy tree is one of those "fibre-optic" ones which change colours and the other set of lights are the first set I ever bought (shows they made em better back then).
I got on to photo bucket who were nice enough to make a slide show of em...
tho I must tell you that my photography is extremely amateurish :) but it was all in the name of fun.

Q for you... When do you put your Tree up? Do you have a special family tradition regarding the tree?

Ps... notice my walls are now a light yellow instead of blue??? Lounge all done painting! YAHOO
and I've hung up my overalls and roller and brush for a while :) I need Chill time from the paint fumes - they were getting to me!

20 Nov. 2006


I think Im getting a cold...

I got a tickle in my nose that wont go away!

19 Nov. 2006

God gave me the Giggles today :D

First God spoke from the pulpit about forgiveness and made my eyes leak just a little and then He blessed me with a house full of friends for the arvo... and (from about 15 mins after sermon ended) with the giggles... including the inappropriate giggles... like when your son comes and tells you that his brother called him a "butt head" and your instant reaction was blurt out a giggle... when you wish you hadnt. But luckily son sees humour in it all and admits very loudly that he called his brother a ... (something very similar but which i cant remember). and there were many outbursts of the like... uncontrollable giggles and cackle outbursts all day.... to the point where it was suggested that I must have consumed the same "food additives" that had previously made my sons quite energetic to say the least :)
But all is well, and I hope I am forgiven for any giggles out of turn and maybe a little inappropriate smart remarks....
so was this what I was anticipating last night for today???

God is wonderful :D

Last night He opened the bible to Ezekiel 37... which was extremely coincidental as it was listed as the days reading in the One year bible reading... but I had decided to for go it at the time and just open up the bible next to my bed instead... and as I began to read the words I recognised the passage... looking at the chapter number and book, I had a laugh and said to God.. "well, I guess you really wanted me to read this one tonight then God" :)
Check it out.... Ezekiel 37

18 Nov. 2006

Thankfulness... pt 4

A lawn mower that starts! (after the 10th exhausting pull - reminding me to get on the "get fit" thing very soon! or get a new spark plug)

Boys that say Yes Mummy :)


God giving me the "give it a go" attitude - coz now the sprinkler system is fixed.

Questions that make you think... and think...

Saturday nights home

Feelings of anticipation of going to church tomorrow

HOT showers :)

Rose scented bubble bath

Lavender scented shampoo

feelings of achievement... a job done

A lounge room and computer room all painted...

amicable conversation with an ex

Suprise visits from a friend

Gardening advise

A clamp... reminding me of another job to have a go at...

tomato plants planted

a rooftop garden :)

YMCA - yesterdays muck cooked again - eating leftovers ;) and not having to cook again

chatter from Squawk the budgie

3 less mouths to feed... Goldfish gone to kid's dad's place ( and no fish tank to clean!!)

the off button on the telly

the on button on the radio

104.9 fm frequency...


yawns that remind that I should go to bed soon...


No smoking

I had this one emailed to me today... it got a grin...
then I thought...

Repent and receive Jesus, then dont sit on you behind (no parking) and be on fire for Him (no smoking) - smouldering for Jesus just isnt good enough!
Something to think about anyways :D

16 Nov. 2006

oops anzac recipe error...

Sorry I didnt do my conversions very well last night :)

125grams of Butter does not equate to 1/2 a pound at all.... Please adjust you set ;)
125 grams equals - 1/4 of a pound!

I cooked a quadruple batch today of 'em.
I did something a little different.

You can blame my american friend who challenged me to make them with wholemeal next time I made them... and so I did...
They didnt taste like dried up lumps of dead grass at all ;) actually they tasted just as good as the original recipe, I doubled the usual quantity of water though, so instead of putting 4 tablespoons in I put 8 tablespoons in for the 4xbatch.

The quadruple batch made

167 anzac biscuits! The most I'd ever made all at once... kept me busy tho :)
Then I attempted to make a lactose free wholemeal version of my favourite muffins....
Havnt tasted them yet to see whether they're ok, as Im all full up on anzacs!
If they're any good I'll post the recipe for that too ... maybe :)


15 Nov. 2006

A recipe in Memory of Grandma

For all you non-aussies out there that really need a taste of the Good Life ...
Here's the recipe for

Anzac Biscuits

1 cup of rolled oats (porridge oats)

1 cup of Plain flour (all purpose flour)

1 cup of Brown sugar (the fine stuff)

1/2 cup of descicated coconut (not shredded)

125 grams of Butter (1/2 pound)

2 tablespoons of Golden syrup (Cockey's Joy) (the more you put in the better - I put about 4 tablespoons in)

1 Tablespoon of water

1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

1. combine all dry ingredients in Big bowl.

2. combine butter, syrup and water in a medium saucepan, stir constantly over medium heat until butter melted. Stir in soda ( this will make the mixture grow & bubble)

3. quickly mix in saucepan mix into dry mix.

4. place walnut sized balls onto lightly greased oven trays, about 5cm (2 inches) apart (they will spread).

5. bake in Moderate oven (160 degrees Celsius or 325 fahrenheit) for 20 minutes or until golden brown and slightly firm.

6. Use spatula or egg flip to loosen biscuits on trays and cool on the trays.

7. this recipe usually makes about 2 dozen.

I usually double the batch because they get eaten quick :)

If you want you can press mix into slice pan and make Anzac Slice!

Yummy yum Yum

My Grandma used candied Honey instead of Golden syrup, but because of the drought Honey isnt so cheap anymore.

Grandmas Anzacs were Famous! :)

Samsons are we...

Just a thought... something I read today made me think of Samson...
then I got to thinking some more...

I have come to the conclusion that we are all like Samson, but our strength is not from our hair, and neither is our strength physical (though it can be manifested so at times). Rather our strength is from Jesus, He is where our spiritual strength comes from... AND if we cut Jesus out of our lives, our spiritual strength becomes impotent, just as when Samson had his hair cut off and lost all his physical strength.
Our spirit drives our whole being - break a mans spirit and you will break the man - it is the well from which we draw from our stamina for life, and if our spirit is dead so are we.
But if our spirit is alive (and this can only really be through faith and love for Jesus) Then we are alive indeed!

Thanks God for all the little tidbits that you stick in my path to make me think of you more!

14 Nov. 2006

Thankfulness... pt 3

I have decided not to number any more... because I hope to remember to be thankful infinitely! And that it doesnt matter if I repeat, for it just says that Im extra thankful for that! :)

Praise God... I am Thankful that I can Praise God!
I am thankful that I can now sing day and night to my God and not be afraid.
That I can leave 20 million bibles around the house (if I had that many) and not be made to feel guilty... and read them too!
That I can teach my boys about God Freely!
That I can Pray any time, in any room and as loud as I want and not worry that I might be heard.
That my little men can do all of the above in this home and feel just as much freedom.. to learn to read to sing to pray to live for Christ Jesus
That there is Joy and Peace and Love in this home... that is beyond the worlds definition of these.
That this House is the Lord's and everything in it... All the Home and all who live in it!

A helping hand from friends... to shift and help hang.
The Hug from a Gentleman
A shoulder from a friend
Free Hair cuts from home :)
Discounts at the supermarket for a ready made salad for tea
Chicken Breast fillets fried :)from a friend
The corrugated iron roof... so I can hear the rain
The rain that reminds me its not a drought yet...
The dryer for when the rain comes
The obedience of my middle boy that cheerfully says... Yes Mum :)and hops to it
Seeing my boy is growing up... so I am reminded to treasure this time now
Giggles over the phone
Coffee which lets me stay up a little longer and type this out :)
Remembering someones birthday... and remembering to tell them happy birthday!
Spontaneous cuddles from Sean
Spontaneous kisses from From Zac
Spontaneous thoughtfulness from Robbie
Laughter that goes on and on till your sides hurt
Funny emails from a friend.
D&M emails from a friend who thought before they clicked send...
For the delete button when someone didnt think before they clicked send...
For the clock which tics and tocs and tics and tocs... ;)
For the toilet that runs by itself... loud enough to remind me constantly to get it fixed... oneday... soon... a job for when Im bored... maybe LOL!
For knowing Im having coffee in the morning with a friend that I dont get to see very often :)
For the magnets that hold all the stuff on the fridge so I dont forget!
Whoever invented Microwave Ovens
The engaged signal... so I dont spend hours on the phone ;)
quirky messages on answering machines...
emoticons for when msn-ing
Msn-ing with my Mum
That I know the reason for the season ;)
My house is a santa free zone :)
Ahhh that I can stop writing now... and start again another day :)
and meanwhile get some sleep...zzzzz

11 Nov. 2006

Thankfulness... pt 2 ... grateful for these

46. Friends who remind me to stick to my guns!
47. Friends who understand when I cancel an appointment... delayed til next time
48. Friends who put up with my "silliness"
49. Friends who gladly pass on the recipe for the great meal they blessed you with :)
50. Friends who remember that "God hasn't finished with me yet" :D and are still my friends
51. Fresh air
52. telephones
53. friends who bring pie and coke for me for lunch :) yum yum
54. masking tape
54. lavender fields in my front yard ;)
55. Friends who dont mind my straight out honesty.... forgive my straight out honesty ;D
56. Friends who speak honestly with me
57. My dad
58. My mum
59. Shelle, Pal, Johnny, Annie, Adam
60. Mangoes :D yum yum
61. banana chips for when real bananas are $11.99 a kilogram
62. long handled paint rollers
63. water based paint ... dont have to wash up with turps and die of fumes
64. the amazing faithfulness of God... letting me find stain sealer for under $20 :D
65. Showers :)
66. Nestle Club classic CAPPUCCINO flavoured CHOCOLATE!!!
67. Dinner with family and friends... delivered and mmm mmm mmm :) good food and good company!
68. Squawk my budgie :)
69. thunderstorms :) luv em!
70. memories
71. Iced coffee
77. An invitation for coffee with a friend who I dont see very often
78. The music and songs of Third Day
79. My stereo with LOUD speakers
80. Irony of watching someone go "full-circle"
81. The Bible
82. Blogspot wherein I can expell thoughts, events and conversations from my head ;)
83. The valleys
85. God is my GPS :)
86. the church family that God has placed me in
87. Salt and vinegar chips
88. The rumble of a motorbike as it zrooms past my street
89. The magpie with the curly beak that has called our yard home'
90. spring
91. a pillow to lay my head
92. a spontaneous hug from my little man
93. finding a smile on someone's face
94. meeting eyes with someone special
95. my car which goes :)
96. that petrol is only $1.21 per litre
97. For my good mechanic friends
98. the sound of a child's voice
99. silence
100. salvation

9 Nov. 2006

Thankfullness... just a start...

Some gifts for which I am grateful..

1. For life which God has blessed me with.
2. For the lessons of life I am still learning
3. For Robbie
4. For Sean
5. For Zac
6. For Love that I know that I have from God
7. For Love that I can share with friends and family
8. For knowing that I am loved
9. For not being alone
10. for knowing where I have been and where I am going
11. That God has placed eternity in my heart
12. Rainbows to remind me of God's faithfulness
13. laughter... from the belly, with friends
14. tears shed... a dams broken
15. Hugs... cant get enough!
16. the gentle smile in a quiet moment
17. the ROFL times
18. the music in my heart and the music in my ears
19. A voice
20. A voice to Shout and to whisper
21. A voice to speak life, love and to speak of God
22. Ears that can hear the voices and noises and laughter and giggles and cries of my three little men
23. Ears to listen to the D and M moments with a someone who just needs an ear
24. My friends who remind me of what I need reminding
25. My friends who just are!
26. My friends who will ring and talk for hours...
27. Jesus who is my friend indeed... whom will listen and watch for hours... and speak and show and lead and love, and be.
28. For God who made me... and knows me well... knew me well before I was!
29. For the Holy Spirit who dwells in me...
30. For not knowing hunger... we are well provided for
31. For not knowing Thirst... we do not go without
32. For having a home to live in
33. For having a all that we have... knowing that in truth, we do not go without.
34. For the stars that twinkle
35. For the sun which warms the back of my neck
36. For the moon that is HUGE on the horizon
37. For the Clouds which show off the wonder of the sun setting
38. For rain
39. That we get rain... that it falls here and the grass is still green
40. For new friends
41. For old friends
42. For Radio Rhema
43. For the internet that has opened up ways to speak with those far away... who are dear
44. For emails to and from family and friends
45. For sleep

30 Oct. 2006

Great is His Faithfulness!

Just when you think you've had a breakthrough.... and life is a buzz to live... and you've been having a "praise God, aint He just great!" time and it feels like you've finally got it all worked out...
then comes the storm
the time for testing...
the time when you just want to run
run and hide from GOD!
you feel like you're living a Job life all of a sudden... and as if your hotline to heaven has been cut off... out of service... and no amount of yelling or crying out seems to get God's attention...
you FEEL abandoned, lost, unloved...

But Since when is faith based on a feeling????
Faith based on a feeling isnt faith at all...

I praise God for these times, for I know that he is testing my faith... so that I will become stronger in him and ultimately be becoming more like Him.
I know that he will not test me beyond what I can not withstand, for he doesnt want me to be lost forever, No.
His testing is a reminder to me to keep on relying on him, not myself... and to stretch my boundaries of faith... So that I will REALLY believe that which he has been teaching me!
It is not enough that I should learn the theory, I must also do the practical...
I have to learn to put what he has taught me into practice, so that it will become engraved in my heart... Yet another wonderful treasure of His to keep in me.

These times though are not easy, but we can be assured that we are not abandoned, rather we are like the baby bird learning to fly... while the father quietly watches over, ready to catch us if we fall, and congratulate us when the trial is over. "well done good and faithful servant"

James 1:3
For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.

1 Peter 1:7
These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

(New Living Translation)

19 Oct. 2006

Now I need a REAL holiday :)

I know, yeah I had a holiday last week. it was good. But, I am really tired still. I have been going and going and going, and I have now grinded to a halt. I need a REAL holiday! but that aint going to happen anytime soon. Never mind.
I feel flat and wrung out, and need to get with God more, and find my pillow earlier too. So I havnt got anything of substance to tell you about the last week... my mind is not on the job. Have been reading all your blogs (those of you who have alerted me to ur blogs, that is.... hey you anonomous readers of here... say gudday sometime :) Id love 2 get 2 know you all!). Tis good to read ur happenings and u guys give me plenty to smile and think about!
So, well, Im signing out now. Luv Ya's
xo Kaz

15 Oct. 2006

Im Baaaack!

ahhh Had lovely weekend... lots of fellowship, deep thinking and deep conversations. Enjoyed the change of scenery and food! Twas that wonderful, that I am extremely tired, and need to sleep NOW! :)
g'night all, dont let the bed bugs bite!

11 Oct. 2006

I recommend this....

I have just finished reading this book... I have found it a blessing.
I t has confirmed some of what God has been doing in my life atm.
A group of ladies from my church were also inspired and blessed from reading this book, so much so, that they have organised a women's retreat based on some of this book.
The "retreat" is happening this weekend....
Im quite looking forward to it, as I know most of us are...
It is interesting as how many of us women in our congregation (myself included) initially said "NO WAY!" to going on the camp, as it involved us dressing up for a 3course formal dinner saturday night, following an optional pampering/beauty/makeup session...
OOOO EEEEE said Me, Im not doing that girly c.r.a.p! was my instant reaction, along with a few of my friends.
Well guess what??!! all us "non-girly" type chicks that said no way.... are now going to the camp! God wants us there and we're going, and that's that! (mind u, we're most probably gonna forgo the makeup stuff and heels)
So I will give all a run down on the happenings when I return.... If I survive! ;)
Find Captivating here

10 Oct. 2006


Let me shine Lord
Let me sparkle bright
Let me glow from within
Your marvellous light.

May I shine your glory
Like a diamond in the night
A Reflection of your love
And your glorious light

Shine Lord, like diamonds
Shine like diamonds bright
To the world around me
Show your beautiful light

Let me be your diamond
Polish me just right
So all may see clearly
Your Love, Glory and Light

This poetry is my original,
please ask me for permission before reproducing it.

7 Oct. 2006

I've been Tagged! By Cool Mama - cool chickie from blog land :)

Hooley Dooley!
So I gotta write a bit of stuff about....
Fierce - Destiny - Scrumptious - Compassion
hmmm let me see...

Fierce - the wind is feirce here atm, blowing the trees all over as they are dry, the land is drying out for the feirceness of the weatherchanges... we are lucky, we still have water here, but there is so much drought around my beautiful country that I live. Now we are coming to the season of fire, and fear of the feirceness of fire is already in many people's hearts... remembering the devastation and tragedies of seasons past. I remember Ash Wednesday when I was 10... enough to put fear into anyone, but I am the Lords, and He holds me in His hands, and that is all I need, so feirce doesnt worry me.

Destiny - Future, the plans that were written before the world began. God knew the choices that we would make in our lives before he formed us in our mother's womb. Jer 29:11 I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. So again, Im the Lords, and He holds me in His hands, and that is all I need to know... not that I wouldnt mind Him letting me in on the plans occassionally :D

Scrumptious - Chocolate! Cuppacino filled Dark Chocolate! hmmm yummy... consumed with - you guessed it - COFFEE, freshly brewed, hold the froth, and 2 spoons of sweetness please! Toasted marshmallows by the campfire, and baked potatoes with a dollop of butter for breakfast!
But really what is scrumptious??? Waking up with a little man standing next to ur bed saying Good morning Mummy, and giving you a bear hug and a sloppy kiss :)

Compassion - When your heart breaks, and the lump in your throat wont go away, and the tears flow silently and all you want to do is hug them... Compassion is Jesus climbing up on the cross and dying... for us. Pass it on!

did I do it right??? :D

ahhh now I get to pass the tag along...
Who shall I tag??? let me see.... Well Stitching Mum! and Sewluvlee!

and.... summer, horizon, boys, captivating

5 Oct. 2006


You found me Lord,
You sifted and sorted and gleaned
Until in the dust and rubble
You found me.

You found me rough and hard and dirty
But you saw a glimmer inside
You could see me through the dross and muck
You held on and did not cast me aside

Afraid, I was, I tried to hide
I was ashamed that you would see
All my chips and cracks and flaws
And the mistake you’d made with me.

But, like something precious
You carried me gently home
Where you washed and made me clean
Showing more care than I had known.

You cut me as a jewel
With cheerful hands and song
And slowly surely gently
My raggedness was gone

You moved with skill and Love
Polishing until when
I saw in your eyes, reflected
A beautiful diamond gem.

This poetry is my original, please ask before reproducing it, Thankyou.

2 Oct. 2006

Can you see me as Jesus does???

Read(Luke 7:37-50 GNB)

Please dont write someone off just because of their past...

We all have fallen short, have made mistakes, have sinned. It doesnt matter whether you have followed Christ Jesus from early childhood, or from yesterday... you have sinned in some manner. And there is no "small sin" or "big sin" - all sins are counted the same... for all cost the same - death. But for those who follow Jesus the price is only death-to-self, and then by grace we are made alive in Christ, For Christ paid the price for us.
So not one of us is perfect or blameless, but through our faith in Jesus, repentance and grace we are each made perfect in the sight of God, because of Jesus! Jesus our King!
So please, ask Jesus to help you see with His eyes, what He sees and to show one another the grace and love he has shown you.

I am Forgiven!

I am no longer “fallen”
I am no longer “used goods”
I am no longer “dirty and adulterous”
I am no longer “baggage laden”

Cant you see me???
I am risen with Christ
I am made new again
I am made clean and pure
I am laden with blessings

This is me because of Christ
His Grace is made abundant in me
He has washed me clean
that I may shine like a diamond for HIM!

So do not judge me any more, for I am HIS.
I belong to Jesus and he has made me clean.
Do not look at me and say
“Look at what she’s done! Look at all the baggage.
she's no good, she’s all used up, and comes with little feet…”

Look instead at me, just as Jesus does.
For I am a new creation and am a diamond in His eyes.
And see all that comes with me is not baggage… it is abundant blessings of Grace and Faith…and the little feet that follow are priceless gifts from God!

28 Sep. 2006

RB's dream

RB: Mum I have something really important to tell you
Me: Yes Rb, what is it?
RB: I know what I want to be when I grow up.
Me: Ok what do you want to be?
RB: I want to be a Teacher, but not like at chapel (school chapel)
Me: Ok that sounds good, so you want to be a teacher. What sort of teacher do you want to be then?
RB: I want to teach christian.
Me: like at your school, be a christian teacher? You can do that.
RB: umm I want to teach like at church.
Me: Ok, you mean preach like pastor Garth?
RB: Yes Mum, like him. I want to preach.
Me: Alright, I think you could do that.
RB: Mum, how does Pastor Garth know all about God?
Me: Well, he Prays a lot, talks To God, and listens to God, and reads the Bible, and studies it alot. If God wants you to be a pastor, He will help you to be that. You'll have to ask him to help you.
RB: Ok Mum.

from... A Purpose Driven Life - daily devotional

I thought that this email was worth posting... you can sign up for free devotionals like this or veiw online here... http://www.purposedrivenlife.com

September 27, 2006

Only one you
by John Fischer

Mister Rogers was right after all: There is only one you. But this information is much more important than just boosting your self-esteem. It should help you better serve others by being more confident about your God-given role in life.

No one else fits your shape. No one else has your blend of gifts, talents, and natural abilities – making you very important in the whole scheme of things. “God made our bodies with many parts,” Paul wrote, “and he has put each part just where he wants it.” (1 Corinthians 12:18) And as it is with the human body, so it is with the Body of Christ, which is the corporate collection of all who believe.

But this uniqueness goes beyond giftedness; it reaches as well into the depth of each of our experiences in our life of faith. No one else has your life. No one else has your pain, your hardships, your joys, or your sorrows. Everything in life shapes us and we are shaped by everything for a reason – so that we can touch others in a unique way based upon who we are and what we’ve been through. God is amazing. He doesn’t waste anything in our lives.

Every piece of our lives and experiences can be used by Christ to touch someone else. We were made for each other; we live for each other; we even die for each other by “dying well,” as it was once referred to in a memorial service I attended. We die with hope so that others who live might see the reality of Christ in even the darkest of hours. See? God uses everything.

Are you just getting by, or are you living for a reason? Think about your unique gifts and ask yourself how those gifts are benefiting others. What specific way is God using you to touch others in the Body of Christ? Do you seem to have an extra measure of wisdom, or mercy, or discernment, or knowledge, or administration, or desire to serve? These will help determine how you can look for opportunities to help others.

And then, think about the things you have gone through so far in your life – especially the difficult or challenging things where God has met you with his faith. That information is not just for you, it’s for you to empathize with and encourage others who have encountered similar struggles.

God isn’t messing around here. There are no accidents with our lives. Whatever we have received and experienced has shaped who we are, and because of that, we are qualified. There is truly no one else like you … for a reason.

26 Sep. 2006

Garage all painted at last....

Hooley Dooley!!!
I have finally finished painting the garage... I began sorting it out back in July when I decided to make it into the Kids Rumpus/playroom... so I could start painting the rest of the house bottom up! All the bedrooms have been painted previously :) lovely and bright! All I have to do is paint the lounge, dining/kitchen, hallway, entrance and "office/sewing room" (previously the playroom). But oh what colours???? I have decided to tone down on the "luminous" colours and go for a light lemon look. No more captivating purple, pansy blue, festive yellow or lavender blue... now time to do the "citrus mix".
The garage is now a very Festive yellow, bright white ceiling, pale blue/aqua painted concrete floor. It looks very bright and fresh compared to the dirty dark looking hole it was previously. It's now filled with all the kids stuff. And a friendly carpetlayer I know donated some second hand wool carpet to cover most of the floor - so it is not all on the cold concrete. It is quite cosy actually.
Just a few more things to do, my dad is building me a doorfame and door to fill the entrance to the labrynth, and keep the kids out of all my tools, paints, garden stuff etc. It will also stop the earthy smell that comes from all the dirt floor of the labrynth. I also currently have three old bath towells being used as draft stoppers around the garage door which isnt completely sealed - unfortunately... the solution is yet to come to that problem.
anyway... tis getting late... nearly time 4 my bed :)

Here's a pile of pics... so u can see what I'm on about :D


The New Garage


The hole in the wall....


What's in the hole in the wall....
My very own personal labrynth!



The next project!

19 Sep. 2006

A poem for my biggest lil Aussie!

RB is a special boy

His real name is Robert Bruce

He is the biggest of three boys

And I think he’s rather cute.

He knows when to give a hug

And ‘most always has a smile

He’ll run rings around you laughing

And then sit with you a while.

RB has many talents,

And enthusiasm too.

He will talk ‘till your ears drop off

And loves to learn something new.

You’ll often find him reading

With his head stuck in a book

He even reads his brothers

The Bible and lets them look.

He is a thoughtful little lad

And very compassionate

He tries to be all grownup

And a drink for you, he’ll get.

He’s his mum’s biggest helper

As he often lends a hand

Drying dishes, sweeping floors

He loves a special errand.

RB’s a real encouragement

If you’re feeling a bit down

He gives a great compliment

And he’s happy to act the clown.

He cares and loves and laughs and smiles

Can be serious and sweet

He’s a special child of God

And to know him is a treat!

A poem for RB,

by his mum.

my creations... pink and green should never be seen???

"done in a day"

18 Sep. 2006

my creations... shamrock handtowel

I "whipped" this one up yesterday arvo and this arvo...

A friend has requested ideas for low cost and easy ideas for gifts, for the "live well" program, for a display near christmas time.

I came up with this one to start with.

Ive called it the shamrock handtowel for obvious reasons :) anyway I designed it myself and the next prob is now I have to give the instructions for how to make it so others can do it...

Never had to write a pattern b4 ... lol but this is simple so hopefully I can put it in layman's terms.

I like it - simple... um... er... and yes, kitch!!! and yeah i know - very um grannyish.

but it is handy :)

I usually make the traditional towell-tops and add a button, but thought Id do one different for a change.

If ur desperate for the pattern... I dont know why ;)

hassel me out and I just might post it ....

Ive already started another one - gotta keep those hands working :)

so Id better sign off and go crochet some more.....

ps the brown dot is from the chockie chip date muffin I ate when I finished it... Yummy!

17 Sep. 2006


What Have I to be thankful for???

I am alive
That I am loved by my God Jehovah!
That I am released from the curse of my sins, I am forgiven.
I am broken and restored!
That God never forsook me to the grave
That God never gave up on me
That God placed people near me that did not give up praying for my salvation
that never did give up praying for my return
That though I was a prodigal, now I am back with my Father
He holds me daily in his arms and comforts me
He delivers me from the despair and grief that often come to shatter me.
That he has surrounded me with His love
When I cry like a child, he sends a child to comfort me.
When I need a smile, He shows me His Glory
When I am ashamed, He shows me His Grace
When I am lost for words, He knows my heart
When I am filled with Joy, He dances with me
When I want to sing, He puts the music in my heart.
I am thankful
Because, He is everything! He is Great beyond measure.
He is undescribably Wonderful. He just IS!
and even tho He is all of the above and so infinately more than words...
He loves me!
Thankyou Lord


Let the weak say I am strong
Let the poor say I am rich
Let the blind say I can see
It's what the Lord has done in me

Hosanna, hosanna
To the Lamb that was slain
Hosanna, hosanna
Jesus died and rose again

Into the river I will wade
There my sins are washed away
From the heaven's mercy stream
Of the Savior's love for me

I will rise from waters deep
Into the saving arms of God
I will sing salvation songs
Jesus Christ has set me free

Reuben Morgan.



11 Sep. 2006


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, "What! You too? I thought I was the only one!"

~ C.S. Lewis ~

Standing in the kitchen of a Mum of 3 sprightly lads (just like me) for the first time last week chattering away, I felt nervous... just slightly... We had only just met the previous week at a church function. She was new to town, and I guess probably felt a little like me. We had a few obvious things in common... 3 boys, her middle and my eldest in the same class at school, we went to the same church, we both love God. There were also a few obvious differences between us. One thing for certain was that we both had the gift of the gab! We could probably together could talk the hind off a horse, or talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles :D

Yakking away to each other... trying to share a bit about each other, trying not to offend the other :) and cutting up pumpkin or was it fruit? at the time, 3 of our lads played cars...

...and you know, thinking about this quote, and that day, I remember the dishcloth.

What??!! You say - the dishcloth???

Yep. I went to wash or wipe something and in the sink was my favourite dishcloth of choice!

I have never seen another sink with one (where I hadnt instigated the presence of one)!

I think I exclaimed! Yeah I know weird!! :D But yes I commented on her choice of dishcloth!

I thought to my self, "Cool! Someone who thinks like me!" SNAP!!!

10 Sep. 2006

In my backyard.... a photo blog

My back yard is wonderfully diverse...

I have many interesting specimens in it...

Like a pot full of various species of weed.

And the best in Garden decor...

A rusty old

Fake Windmill

I also have a lovely crop of

Cousin It's

growing on my tree...

then of course
there is....

Luscious Green Grass...
(just to prove that the
grass is indeed green
on my side of the fence!)

and then there is the sunshine....

a rare occurrence where I live...
all the locals know that it rains
for eleven months of the year ...
and drips off the trees for the rest!
But lately the sun has been shining much and the rain falling much less...... fall out of climate change....

8 Sep. 2006

What is this flower??? part 2 the picture....

At last blogger let me post these... after much frowning on my part :D
So do you have any idea???
I think it is just beautiful!